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What is Permaculture?


Permaculture (noun)

Permaculture is a design science based on the principles of natural systems. Utilizing the interrelationship between parts and the inherent synergy therein, Permaculture ultimately aims at systems that are virtually self-sustaining. Permaculture is positive, solution-based and can be applied to almost any task, in any setting. It means working with a practical set of design principles and the following three ethics

Earth Care.

Recognizing the importance and value of supporting ecological systems in everything we do.

People Care.

Supporting ourselves, our families and the global community to work toward physical, mental, spiritual and social well being. We're all in this together!

Fair Share.

Managing the resources available to us to promote opportunity and abundance for all.

The Movement

Permaculture is a growing movement of people re-designing the way we live to address the social and environmental problems facing our world. It is a movement defined by positive, whole-system, solution-based design. Empowering people to create a the world of abundance and well-being!

Permaculture Design Course

The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is the launching off point for people just getting into permaculture as well as a tool for deepening ones understanding. The 72-hour course gives an inspiring introduction to the broad implications of permaculture design. Mixing classroom time with hands on experience and design exercises, the PDC course leaves participants with a strong foundation from which to make a move toward their goals. Find a course near you, and discover the possibilities!

Fundraise for your Course Tuition

One of the expressed purposes of WeTheTrees is to help people to be able to raise funds for courses like the Permaculture Design Course. We beleive that money should not be an obstacle to getting this important experience. Using the WeTheTrees platform as a way to help raise the money for your course tuition is a great way to be able to finally be able to take the course that was a little bit out of reach. We welcome campaigns to raise tuition for all sorts of courses, as long as they are related to sustainabilty or the betterment of the world in some way.

Where to find a Permaculture Design Course

There are Permaculture Design Courses held around the world. Here are a few of the institutions that we know hold world-class courses, with an amazing learning experience and more. And remember, you can fundraise for these courses using WeTheTrees.com.

The Panya Project - Located in Northern Thailand, the Panya Project is an incredible backdrop for a PDC course. The participants in the courses at Panya have overwhelmingly positive responses to the courses. The site consists of 10 acres of food forests, earthworks, extensive gardens, earthen buildings, and enthusiastic community. Check out their website and list of courses.

*The Panya Project encourages their students to fundraise for their course tuition using WeTheTrees!

Terra Genesis International - This International Permaculture Design Firm is also host to many courses per year. The TGI team is packed full of greatly experienced teachers, and though they do not have a home location, wherever their courses are held they bring great insight and value. Check out their website and list of courses.

*Terra Genesis International encourages their students to fundraise for their course tuition using WeTheTrees!

Permaculture Research Insitute, Australia - Led by one of the best permaculture teachers out there, Geoff Lawton, PRI gives participants a full picture realistic vision of what is possible with permaculture, and inspires all to action in the world. Check our their great website and list of courses.