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Make a professional video for your Crowdfunding Campaign

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WeTheTrees has teamed up with some great filmmakers to help make your campaign video for you. Depending on your budget and the degree of quality to which you would like your campaign video, we are offering three different levels of video production. Basic ($79), Advanced ($149), and Professional ($399).

Professional Campaign Video - $399

The professional campaign video is created by professional filmmakers at Ahooha (makers of Freedom Ahead and Seeds of Permaculture), and will have a much higher quality production value including special effects and techniques which bring subtle beauty and quality to your film. You need to provide images and video files, along with an audio file (can be an independent audio or included on one of the videos). Depending on the quality of the imagery you provide, this video can be made in HD. You are allowed one round of feedback to make minor changes to adjust the video to suit your preferences.

Sample Video

Advanced Campaign Video - $149

The advanced campaign video is the same as above, except more time is spent to ensure that the campaign video more successfully expresses the tone that you are after. More time is put in, resulting in a higher quality result. You are allowed to give a single round of feedback to make small changes to the video to suit your preferences.

Basic Campaign Video - $79

The basic campaign video is a simple slideshow or collection of video images put to an audio file and soundtrack music. You need to provide about 20 images and video files, along with an audio file (can be an independent audio or included on one of the videos). The producer of the video will put together a simple video laying the images and video on top of the audio you provide, along with a musical background piece. We will build a title page and a thank you that begin and end the video.

Sample Video

How does this film-making service work?

First, click on one of the “buy now” links above for the film package that you would like to purchase (Basic, Advanced, or Professional). At that point you will be directed to a page prompting you to upload your video materials to a Dropbox account. Once you have uploaded your files to this account, our film makers will download the materials and start creating the film. When they have completed the work (often within three business days), they will upload your video to the WeTheTrees Vimeo account, where you will easily be able to view it, and use it in your campaign. If you purchased the advanced or professional level of video you can send feedback to the film-maker who will then make one round of changes according to your preferences. (Additional changes can be made at additional cost).

It's as easy as that!