We The Trees

PDC Campaign Strategy Guide

Let the Crowdfunding Begin! A Step by Step Strategy Guide to Your PDC Campaign

Make sure you are registered with the course you would like to take. They may require that you put down a deposit, but a number of PDC providers will count your WeTheTrees campaign as a deposit on the course. Contact them to reserve your spot.

1Create your Campaign Open a new tab in your browser (so you can still follow along with these directions), log-in, and create a campaign.
2Name your Campaign
  • Choose a unique campaign name that your friends and relatives will know is yours.
  • Use your first name in the Name
  • Don’t name it something generic like, "Help me go to a PDC" or "Permaculture Course for Me."
3Category Select Courses as your category.
4Video Having a high quality video makes your campaign much more likely to succeed. To make it really easy, we hired a professional film crew to make one for you. Go ahead and use it in your campaign with this url: ">

Or, if you want to use parts of it and create a new video for yourself, you can download and change up any of the parts. Go here to view/download all the pieces.
5Fundraising Goal Enter the amount you would like to fundraise.

You can fundraise the amount of the course tuition and add in travel and expenses. WeTheTrees runs “all-or-nothing” fundraising model, so only choose to include the extra expenses if you feel confident you can meet your goal.

To read more about strategy for choosing your fundraising goal, read that section of our strategy guide.
6Campaign Duration Anywhere between 30 and 60 days is generally the sweet spot.
7Badge Summary Summarize the heart of your campaign. Make sure to include your full name in this summary so people can search for it. Write something fun or inspiring here to draw people in.
8About Your Campaign Share why you want to take a PDC, why they should contribute to your campaign, and how that money will be spent.

Tell how the Design Course will impact you and your life goals and what a permaculture design course is. You can use any of our sample text.