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List of PDC Providers

A List of PDC Providers who work with WeTheTrees to get your PDC funded!

The Panya Project
Chiang Mai, Thailand
As the most established and well-known permaculture site in Thailand, The Panya Project continues to host a number of exciting events each year, including Permaculture Design Courses, Internships, and Natural Building courses. They are always actively improving upon their systems and would love to have you join in the experiential learning that is going on there.
Hundred Fruit Farm
New Hope, PA, USA
We are a small, ten-acre diversified permaculture farm that uses only regenerative farming methods - no synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, GMOs, antiobiotics, or other nasty stuff! We believe it's not enough to just use organic methods; the whole farm should act as a holistic system that improves the soil, benefits the surrounding ecosystems, and strengthens the local community. In addition to growing a wide variety of fruits, berries, eggs, vegetables, mushrooms, and pastured meats, Hundred Fruit Farm also hosts regular workshops and courses on practical sustainable living and homestead skills.
Flowful offers inspiring and innovative pathways beyond sustainability. Flowful is portraying pioneer projects around the world and looking for the theory of change behind the projects. They are organizing workshops on a regular basis in Southeast Asia and Europe covering ecology, sustainability and permaculture topics. flowful started facilitating Permaculture Design Course since 2019..
WWOOF Thailand and Permaculture Institute of Thailand
Buri Ram, Thailand
WWOOF Thailand and Permaculture institute of Thailand focus on creating abundance and sustainable livelihoods by regenerating ecosystems using permaculture techniques. We teach Permaculture Design Certificate courses and thru these address issues of poverty, through community mobilization around income-generation activities, combining sustainable, cultural, ecological, food and craft dimensions of rural life which holds tremendous potential for both income generation and enhancement for the basic quality of life of families, women and children in rural areas of Thailand. We also teach and deliver Permaculture Design Certificate courses throughout the year.
Yamana Garden

Yamana Garden is an incredible permaculture project situated on the hills just outside of Taiwan, Taipei. Yaman, the founder of the project is involved in many projects in Taiwan helping to forward the principles of permaculture and a healthier and more sustainable life for all people.

They offer the following kinds of courses: Permaculture Design Courses, Financial Permaculture, Natural Building courses, and various volunteering opportunities.

Jiwa Damai Agro-Permaculture Center
Bali, Indonesia

We at Jiwa Damai, (Lagu Damai Foundation) are an educational institution which offers trainings, permaculture classes, internships and practica to international and national students and graduates. Jiwa Damai is a hands-on, socially-responsible organic garden and retreat center. We take great care of our natural environment, trying to minimize our ecological footprint. All income derived from Jiwa Damai is returned to the community through projects and programs run by Lagu Damai Foundation

Terra Genesis, Intl

Terra Genesis International offers a wide array of education services, from hosting courses, to providing high quality instructors - such as Christian Shearer and Eric Toensmeier - and helping to administrate courses for outside organizations.

They offer the following kinds of courses: Permaculture Design Courses, Financial Permaculture, Edible Forest Gardens, Carbon Farming Courses, Holistic Management

Surplus Permaculture

Surplus Permaculture provides local services supported by a global network of permaculture professionals who aim to create regenerative, high quality designs that not only improve the land but also the quality of life of all inhabitants. The education team at Surplus is regularly teaching courses around the world as well as is available to teach standard Permaculture Design Courses or custom courses on site. Please see our website for more information.


Eco-Pioneers.org is dedicated to the cultivation of abundance through systemic regenerative design and holistic education. Offering practical and relevant solutions to some of today's most difficult challenges, Eco-Pioneers.org strives to sow a cohesive, whole systems design approach to restorative human action.

They offer the following kinds of courses: Permaculture Design Courses, Cooperative Management, and others.

Inspiration Farm
Bellingham, WA, USA

Our vision at Inspiration Farm is to co-create a holistic regenerative living-systems environment. Supporting those who inhabit the land and the surrounding community. Inspiration Farm is an environment for fun learning, sharing, living, testing, growing, creative, evolution. We aim to create an abundance within our environment while simultaneously enriching the land, of which we are just stewards. Benefiting from successes as well as mistakes, we hope to share the lessons of regenerating the land through workshops, tours, media and by example. Be the change you want to see in the world!

Quail Springs Permaculture
Upper Cuyama Valley, Southern California, USA

Quail Springs Permaculture is a 450-acre sustainable living demonstration site and community-supported educational nonprofit serving students of all ages from all over the world through our courses in permaculture design, regenerative land practices, alternative farming, natural building, wild lands tending, and primitive skills. We are dedicated to demonstrating and teaching holistic ways of designing human environments, restoring and revitalizing the land and community, and facilitating deeper understandings of ourselves and one another through immersive experiences in nature. We believe that lasting ecological health and social harmony can be fostered through emphasizing the connection between people, food, shelter, energy, and water.

Angelic Organics Learning Center
Caledonia, IL, USA

Our mission is to help rural and urban people build local food systems. We offer classes about a wide range of sustainable living topics, from food preserving to cob building, and we're offering a Permaculture Design Certificate course this fall from 8/30-9/7.

Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Versaland delivers Permaculture Design (PDC) and Farmscale Permaculture Courses with a diverse field of expert instructors. Learn complete permaculture principles, skills, and site design for many scales in an active and developing 145 acre permaculture farm.

Permaculture Feast
Holyoke, MA, USA

A weekend based design course with a focus on social and urban permaculture. Taught by the designers, installers and inhabitants from the books Paradise Lot, Edible Forest Gardens and Perennial Vegetables.

Wild Earth Farm and Sanctuary
Irvine, Kentucky USA

A nonprofit farmed animal sanctuary and organic permaculture project focusing on education, outreach, and collaboration. We are nestled on 200 acres in the foothills of Appalachia in Eastern Kentucky. Wild Earth, founded in 2014, envisions a new food system where plants, animals, and people thrive within the natural world through a sustainable system of mutual aid. The farm is a combination of rolling hills, creeks, ponds, cliffs, caves, fields, and forests. Many species of wild and domesticated plants and animals make their home here. We offer a variety of classes, tours, and other opportunities to participate, teach, share, and learn.

Spiral Ridge Permaculture
Tennessee, USA

Spiral Ridge Permaculture is a world class educational provider and an off-grid homestead in rural TN. We offer cutting edge courses with the industry's leading professionals. Course offerings include PDC's, advanced design, regenerative earthworks, food forests, natural building, regenerative agriculture/keyline, and more. All courses include theory and hands-on application. We also have an internship program.

Permaculture In Action
Ashville, NC, USA

Permaculture in Action offers PDC courses, Apprenticeships and Hands-On Permaculture Training that links land-owner clients with folks who want experience installing permaculture systems.

We Grow From Here: A Community Garden Project
Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

We Grow From Here was founded in 2010, as a suburban home lot turned into regenerative foodscape. Our mission is to "Hold Space for Transformation and Cultivate Inspiration" for our students and facilitators. We currently utilize several projects in our courses, focusing on group projects, hands-on activities, and creative learning systems--our classes embody the concept of naturalistic systems practice. Please check our calendar: WeGrowFromHere on Meetup. We are also taking applications for our apprenticeship and internship programs.

OUR Ecovillage
Shawnigan Lake, BC Canada

Located on an island in the beautiful waters off of British Colombia, OUR Ecovillage is an incredible place to learn the many facets of living a sustainable lifestyle

They offer the following kinds of courses: Permaculture Design Certificate, Advanced Permaculture Teacher Training, Earth Activist Training and Social Permaculture courses at O.U.R. Ecovillage.

P3 Permaculture
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

P3 Permaculture is a social enterprise with a mission to design, share and grow, appropriate ecological solutions that profit the planet and its inhabitants. Our vision is: Accessible Permaculture. P3 Permaculture promotes dynamic and diverse knowledge and skill exchange – traditional, indigenous, innovative, intergenerational, and intercultural. Taking into account human and environmental legacies, we strive to innovate and create lasting and appropriate solutions. We want our financial, social and creative economies to be an ecosystem of responsible enterprises that share abundance and provide mutual opportunities for development, adaptation and growth.

Project Bonafide

Located on an island in the heart of Nicaragua, Project Bonafide has been a regional leader in permaculture, both the galvanizing of local support as well as the hosting of high quality courses.

They offer the following kinds of courses: Permaculture Design Courses and other incredible opportunities to get involved on a local level.

Wa Samaki Ecosystems

We are trying to link the Caribbean through Permaculture. Wa Samaki Ecosystems, created in 1997, offers a working example of a Permaculture operation producing cut flowers for the local market,aquaculture and aquaponics, alternative building, organic production and agroforestry, wildlife conservation and rehabilitation, water harvesting and watershed rehabilitation, Permaculture Design Courses, workshops and volunteer and internship opportunities.We have taught PDCs throughout the Caribbean and offer amazing experiences for anyone wanting to practice permaculture in a tropical setting.<

Rancho Mastatal Sustainable Education Center
Mastatal, San Jose, Costa Rica

Nestled against the virgin rainforest of La Cangreja National Park, Rancho Mastatal Sustainable Education Center has been teaching, exploring, and promoting techniques of living harmoniously in the landscape for 12 years. Renowned for it’s natural building and delicious culinary spreads of fresh homemade food, the Ranch offers profound, innovative and authentic internships and workshops throughout the year. Visitors will experience a rural Costa Rican community, delight in 325 acres of pristine forests and waterfalls, and participate in a working permaculture farm.

Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies
Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

The Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies is a beachfront, 85-acre off the grid permaculture farm and education center in the heart of the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge of the Southern Caribbean. Surrounded by primary rainforest, Punta Mona boasts one of Costa Rica’s oldest, most developed and diverse food forests and botanical collections. Punta Mona has been a leader in tropical permaculture for almost 20 years, hosting two English PDCs and one PDC en español annually. A center for botanical studies, students can learn about native and naturalized flora, fruit forestry, various timber species and tropical medicinal plants.

Third Millennium Alliance, Jama Coaque Reserve
Jama, Manabi, Ecuador

Third Millennium Alliance’s mission is to preserve the last remnants of Ecuador’s coastal Pacific Forest and to empower local communities to restore what has been lost. Third Millennium Alliance envisions a culture in which local communities recognize both the practical and intrinsic benefits of forest stewardship and manage the land accordingly, creating both economic and environmental sustainability in the region. The Third Millennium Alliance utilizes Permaculture Design and Broadscale Agroforestry as a tool for sustainable community development. TMA facilitates internships in Tropical Permaculture and Agroforestry, as well as International PDC's and tours of Permaculture in Ecuador.

Casimiro de Abreu, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

AGENDA GOTSCH is the institution of Ernst Götsch and represents his work, teachings and methodologies of Syntropic Farming. AGENDA GOTSCH dedicates its time and resources to

• establish diverse demonstration sites in different climate zones and addressing specific environmental issues to prove the value and benefit of Syntropic Farming

• create extraordinary content so that Ernst’s teachings can be transferred to others

• teach in theory and practice in different learning centers worldwide to grow Syntropic Farmers and Teachers

• consult in selected projects and establish a consultancy network globally so that we can support farmers to change towards “Life in Syntropy”

Food Water Shelter, inc.
Tanzania, East Africa

Food Water Shelter, inc builds "early learning, eco-friendly children's villages and big, bright futures!

They offer the following kinds of courses: Permaculture Design Courses, and learning opportunities of all kinds to the children and local people around their villages.

Permaculture 4 Peace (P4P)
Ghana, Africa

Permaculture for Peace (P4P) integrates Johan Galtung‘s [founder of Peace Studies] and Bill Mollison‘s findings in an effort to restore and regenerate depleted farmland, to reaforest and regreen the rocky hills on which the project is to unfold by using the very methods defined by Bill Mollison in order to create a food forest. Bill Mollison's elaborate method of Permanent Agriculture best fulfills the criteria of reflexive development - or to use Johan Galtung's terms: Self Reliance. Furthermore, it serves the purpose of ensuring Food Security for whoever is trained in the methods of permaculture.

Ridgedale Permaculture

Ridgedale offers world class education & training and design services around the globe. Internationally certified by PRI (Aus) and PC Assoc (UK) Ridgedale upholds the highest standards for the benefit of all through our work. Aside from project development work/ consultancy, our busy schedule of trainings include PDC's, Dryland Water Management, Bio Construction, Keyline Design and other specialist courses.

Central Portugal

Casalinho is a family-run permaculture project nestled in the Portuguese mountains. Here, with the assistance of international volunteers, we are working to restore 10 hectares of beautiful countryside to productivity. We host courses and workshops, and offer volunteering opportunities, relevant to anyone with an interest in permaculture and self-reliance. As hosts, we are aiming to provide a space where visitors can experience and explore, learn and grow, in supportive and relaxing surroundings.

Quinta do Vale da Lama
Lagos, Portugal

Quinta do Vale da Lama provides learning experiences which empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds to create positive social change by living more sustainably. The whole farm is a Permaculture and regenerative agriculture project that works together with Nature. We experiment several ways of growing food, working with biodiversity of plants and animals, redesigning the farm to become a resilient landscape. It’s our intention to establish and maintain permanent systems that bring abundance for this and future generations.

Productive Landscapes
Derby, Derbyshire, UK

We are in the process of becoming a Social Enterprise who have the environment, people and social development at heart. Our vision is to teach permaculture and create permaculture systems, practitioners, consultants and teachers of the future.

We offer Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses, practical gardening experience, aid work, consultancy and design services for people who are interested in creating productive landscapes, be it a balcony, back garden or a big acreage farm. We also carry out regular workshops which show you how to grow your own medicinal herbs, foods and trees and how to take care of these.

Spring Into Action
London, United KIngdom

Spring into Action! offers a regular Permaculture Design Course in London at the start of every year, certified by the Permaculture Association (UK). A collaboration between Graham Burnett’s Spiralseed, Claire White Gardens and @LondonPrmcultr with guest tutors. The UK’s largest city provides a great place to explore urban permaculture.

Westcliff on Sea, Essex, UK

Spiralseed was founded by Graham Burnett in 2001 to promote permaculture education and earthright living. We produce publications and run regular courses and workshops, including weekend introductory events as well as accredited full 72 hour Permaculture Design Certificate Courses.

Sieben Linden Ecovillage
Salzwedel, Germany

Sieben Linden Ecovillage has been founded in 1997 close to the former inner-German border. Situated in one of the least populated areas of Germany, it faces both comfort and challenges of being remote (for central European terms). Apart from Permaculture Design Courses in german and English language, Sieben Linden offers the Ecovillage Design Education Course, Trainings on Sustainable Solutions, Dragon Dreaming Trainings and much more.

Österreichisches Waldgarten-Institut / Austrian Forestgarden-Institute
Österreich, Austria

Österreichisches Waldgarten-Institut - Erforschung von Waldgärten in den gemäßigten Breiten Das Österreichische Waldgarten-Institut hat einen über 20 Jahre alten Waldgarten der nach den Prinzipien der Permakultur bewirtschaftet wird. Austrian Forestgarden-Institute - Research on Forestgardens in temperate climates The Austrian Forestgarden-Institute is situated next to a 20 years old Forestgarden which is designed through the principles of Permaculture.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Center
Dharamsala, India

Held at the Himalaya Shanti Ashram, the course will reignite participants’ connection with nature. Students will collaborate in the building of a food forest while enjoying mountain views and relaxing swims in the crystal-clear Himalayan River. The harmonious natural systems of the Himalayan foothills will usher us into a rejuvenating yoga practice. Immersion in nature will empower participants to become part of the solution and to heal themselves and the environment. Apart from Permaculture Design Courses The Himalaya Shanti Ashram also offers yoga and meditation courses.

Noosa Forest Retreat
Noosa hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Noosa Forest Retreat, A grass roots holistic community. Inviting, Involving and inspiring; offering healthy permaculture accommodation, education and consultation since 1995; The first Community land trust projects in Australia, the largest longest continually running Permaculture project on the Sunshine Coast. A beautiful paradise nestled into 160 lush organic acres in a United Nations recognised Biosphere zone backing onto National Park, Noosa hinterland. A community offering accommodation short to long term, permaculture produce run to surrounding community, a range of education programs and workshops, wellbeing retreats, and practical internships. Work exchange is available on our services for those with PDC. Unique opportunity to co-own with 2 shares available.

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