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Advertising on WeTheTrees.com gives you a unique opportunity to get the attention of a very focused subset of society, namely the Permaculture and sustainability crowd, and to show your support for the WeTheTrees platform. We only display a very specific ad style, showing up on the bottom of the pages that display campaign badges, including the home page (scroll down on the home page to see the current advertisers). These pages are by far the most visited on our site. Your ad will be shown on every forth showing of one of these pages, randomly placed along with the other advertisers.

We are open to placing ads for organizations / businesses that have a focus in at least one of the following areas: Permaculture, Sustainability, Activism, Food, Agriculture, Education, and Design.

Costs for the 155 pixel × 145 pixel advertisement (20 available):

Per Month: $20
Per Year: $200 (Save over 15%)

Payments are made through PayPal only (credit cards and US Bank Transfers supported), and we book a minimum of three months at a time.

Ad Specifications

We only post ads in the following format: 155pixel × 145pixel Transparent PNG
(For an additional $15 fee we can create that for you from an image you send us.)

We have just launched this project, so prices are still low for advertising. If you are interested in locking in long-term rates now, make sure to contact us soon. We are also open to the possibility of swapping ad space with the right organization.

We are not running Google ads on our site or any other ad service, so your ads will appear only alongside other permaculture and respected sustainability ads.

Please contact us at: admin@WeTheTrees.co
put ADVERTISING in the subject line, if you are interested in placing an ad with us.


We The Trees, LLC. (“WeTheTrees,” “us” or “we”) reserve the right to select who advertises on our site for any reason. We reserve the right to change to cost structure at any time. We reserve the right to remove any advertiser for any reason at any time. In the case of removal of advertisement from our website, any prepayments of advertising will be reimbursed, less the per diem rate for the time the ad has already been up on www.WeTheTrees.co.

WeTheTrees cannot guarantee that the website will be functional, or that the advertisements themselves show up in the desired manner. WeTheTrees cannot guarantee any number of hits, or ROI from the placement of an advertisement on our site.

WeTheTrees reserves the right to remove any or all advertisements at any time for any reason.

The Advertiser agrees to pay in full for at least 3 months at a time, but may pay in full for up to two years. The advertiser agrees to supply WeTheTrees with an advertising image that matches the characteristics mentioned above. If advertiser fails to do so, the advertiser may lose their ad space.

WeTheTrees sincerely hopes that the advertisements generate solid income for the advertisers far above what they paid.