We The Trees



The collaborative effort that is WeTheTrees came about when a group of active permaculturalists realized that the permaculture community could really use a unique way to raise money. Basically every permaculture person we knew had a few projects on the back burner just waiting for the right time to turn up the heat, including ourselves! WeTheTrees provides a way for all of us to present our projects to our family, friends and the greater community and offer them the opportunity to contribute. Join in this effort, submit your campaign, and support your community!

Our team of permaculture designers are the small set of entrepreneurs that dreamed, visioned, designed, launched, and are now using the WeTheTrees platform. Each of them is trained in permaculture, and took this project on as an collaborative effort to give back to the permaculture community. The entire process incorporated the permaculture principles and the platform currently serves multiple functions for each of them. The project was developed as an eco-social business, keeping the triple bottom line in mind. Each member of the team has committed to using his share of profits exclusively for permaculture related activities.

Christian Shearer

After having his crowdfunding proposal turned by a leading crowdfunding site, Christian decided it would be a great contribution to the Permaculture community to build our own platform. Christian's life is wrapped up in permaculture: teaching Permaculture Design Courses around the world, working at his project in northern Thailand, The Panya Project, and consulting for international permaculture design firm Terra Genesis International. Christian lives his life daily in the strong belief that we can bring about a brighter and brighter world. He is also a large part of The Panya Project and Terra-Genesis International.

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy's former PDC teacher, Christian, recruited him to use his design, web development, and business creation skills to help get WeTheTrees ready to best help people fundraise for a better world. He's thrilled to see how WeTheTrees will grow permaculture and its ethics around the world. You can find him in Rural Missouri playing with his kids, working on his house, and doing his best to enjoy life.

Keep up-to-date (well, as up-to-date as he's willing to post) with him over at http://jeremyjon.es.

Vidar Eldoy

Vidar Eldoy joined the WeTheTrees team in early 2012 when he was attending a PDC course taught by Christian Shearer. WeTheTrees was looking for a developer with years of experience in Ruby on Rails and found their man in Vidar. Working from Norway, Vidar has been primary back-end developer for the project. Vidar is not only a passionate and talented permaculturalist, but also has developed a number of impressive i-phone apps. To learn more visit Fugroup.net.

We would like you to understand fully how we function and what motivates us. If you have more questions about how WeTheTrees works please visit our FAQ page.