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The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is an internationally recognized certificate course covering every major topic in Permaculture: a Designers Manual. I will learn a broad range of topics applicable to life anywhere on this planet, and create designs for real world projects such as food forests, permaculture-style gardens, natural building, water catchment, and irrigation systems. Because the course is at a place already implementing Permaculture practices, l will see the incredible effects of permaculture in action.

Permaculture itself is built on a set of Principles derived from the ecological patterns, scientific knowledge, and indigenous wisdom of this planet, and is guided by a set of ethics that guide us toward care for people, care for the earth and conscious consumption.

Major topics of the Permaculture Design Course include the following:

  1. Philosophies and Ethics underlying permaculture
  2. Basic permaculture principles
  3. Patterns in Nature and how to use that in permaculture design
  4. Methods of design. Applying permaculture design methodology and strategies to meet your design goals.
  5. Climactic factors and strategies for all major climates.
  6. Trees, forests and forest gardening. Mimicing forest systems to create an abundance of food, fiber, and fodder.
  7. Water: catchment, usage, importance, and conservation.
  8. Soil structure, minerals, microorganisms, building new soil and preventing erosion. Working with the soil food web to create a healthy ecosystem and regenerate degraded land.
  9. Earthworks. Shaping the land to help it achieve the goals we are aiming for.
  10. Aquaculture
  11. Natural Building. Building structures with materials available on-location.
  12. Alternative systems. Community living and other ways of living that work well for both people and the planet. Bioregional organization, community development, alternative economic systems, permaculture as aid.

The Permaculture Design Course is often a launching-off point to gain the inspiration, information and the community support to choose a lifestyle that brings greater wholistic success.