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A campaign by Filippo
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Youth in Permaculture

YiP is a new co-creative initiative that aims to support and to empower youths and young adults to create resilient, fulfilling and fun lives, inspired by permaculture. As a part of YiP’s mission, our team provides useful resources, tools, opportunities and networks; as well as updates on youth projects and a platform for youth voices. In addition, YiP aims to catalyze opportunities for youth through the organization of face-to-face events like Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges and permaculture actions.

About us

Several youths involved in permaculture and various leaders in the permaculture community have gathered to create a diverse team from over eight European countries and many permaculture organizations to begin to build this exciting project.

About the Campaign

The YiP team has organized another Youth Exchange in Boodaville, Spain next April, after the first one in Italy in 2017. Every national team is willing to support YiP with fundraising. Therefore, this campaign aims to support the YiP movement and new permaculture projects in Europe led by young people. It is an initiative of the YiP Italian Team.

The objectives of this youth exchange:

The exchange in Boodaville has three elements, firstly interactive activities related to ecology, economics and social issues, secondly practical work doing a regenerative agriculture project and also creating and presenting a design in a small group, and thirdly Open Space sessions where we will work in groups to perform a task that supports the project "Youth in Permaculture".

- Non-formal education in permaculture, ecology and also world view, social, economics.
- Empower young people by encouraging self-confidence, motivation, and a sense of the need to act.
- Promote social interest in other cultures, the motivation to work successfully in a diverse group and maintain positive relationships, exchange perspectives and knowledge in the field of employment, innovation, social inclusion, climate and energy to share and form a supportive vision.
- To give space for learning by experience: practical work and living as a
community for a week.
- Develop practical skills that promote self-sufficiency, autonomy, initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.

For more information visit: http://www.youthinpermaculture.org.

Thank you for your support!