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wetheuncivilised documentary and solar powered pop-up cinema tour

A campaign by Pete and Lily Sequoia

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A campaign by Pete and Lily Sequoia
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    (£500) Film screening with our solar-powered pop-up cinema, in your community, with an opportunity for Q&A. We would also like to cook a thank you meal for you and eight of your friends. UK ONLY PLEASE!

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“We, the uncivilised, are claiming the right to write our own story. We are digging up the stories of our soil:

  • we seek stories to inspire
  • we seek stories to unite
  • we seek stories to rouse the heart, and activate the soul.”

Wetheuncivilised, A Life Story is a grassroots documentary film project. We have spent the past two years filming and editing, and, with your help, we will be ready to take it out on the road this summer! 

The film

The film is our response to the story of civilisation. It seeks to challenge and bring into question the ‘civilised’ structures that create oppression, inequality and environmental destruction. And to offer an alternative story - one in which we enter back into relationship with one another, and the land that breathes us.

Wetheuncivilised is an invitation to explore the beauty, joy, pain and potential of a life journey, and to show that another way is possible, one of connection and wholeness. 

The film follows a life cycle, and looks at the points in our life where we have an opportunity to tell a different story: each stage serving as a doorway into a place of possibility.

Read more about the process of our filming journey.


We have spoken to some of the leading voices of our time who feature in the film, including:

  • Satish Kumar (Schumacher College)
  • Polly Higgins (Ecocide Lawyer)
  • Bruce Parry (Explorer)
  • Mark Boyle (Wild Economics)
  • Martin Shaw (School of Myth)
  • Tim 'Mac' Macartney (Embercombe)
  • Glennie Kindred (Artist and writer)
  • The late Patrick Whitefield (Permaculturist)
  • Alastair McIntosh (Spiritual activist and writer)
  • Chris Knight (Radical anthropologist and activist)
  • Simon Fairlie (The Land)
  • Jewels Wingfield (Ecofeminist, EarthHeart centre)
  • Janet Balaskas (Birth rights activist)

The vision

We have been greatly inspired by the Shodh Yatra, which is an Indian term, that means “to undertake a journey for the search of knowledge, creativity and innovations at the grassroots”. Information is carried from one village to the next, and shared in order to perpetuate and evolve vital skills. 

We hope that we can share our experience and learning from one place to the next, connecting folk, and knitting together an uncivilised network across the UK.

The tour

Once completed, our vision is to tour the film in our home, an ex-service library bus, which will become a pop-up solar powered cinema/community space. 

Fuelled by waste cooking oil (when available), we will travel the UK, screening the film for communities, festivals and transition towns, in locations ranging from urban car parks to village greens. 

We would like to offer all of this for free, and to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

The screening space

The film will be screened in a temporary structure that fixes to and extends from the side of the bus. It can be left open fronted (for wider outdoor viewing during evening/night), or closed (for private daylight viewing), depending on the event.

The collaborative learning space

Throughout the tour, and beyond, the space will host inspiring speakers, circle gatherings and workshops relating to the themes discussed in the film. It will also serve into the future as a collaborative learning space where people can share their knowledge and cross-fertilise ideas. 

Our goal 

  • fund the final edit of the film
  • prepare the bus for the tour
  • get all the screening equipment
  • pay for our tour travelling costs

This breaks down as:

  • $2,248 (£1,500) - final edit (friend’s rate)
  • $2,248 (£1,500) – cinema structure
  • $375 (£250) - LED projector (second hand)
  • $450 (£300)- screen (second hand)
  • $300 (£200) - speakers (second hand)
  • $375 (£250) - film DVD production (100 copies)
  • $375 (£250) - soundtrack CD production (100 copies)
  • $600 (£400) - flooring and blankets for inside the cinema
  • $1,800 (£1,200) - fuel (recycled cooking oil where possible)

Total: $8,871

About us

We have completely self-funded the project, weaving work between filming. 

Pete is an ecological designer-carpenter and part of Open Earth Ecology design Co-op. He lectures at Brighton University on the Sustainable Design MA, and teaches on the permaculture design diploma for Brighton Permaculture trust. He is often found building compost toilets in community gardens.

Lily is a massage therapist, poet and storyteller on a life-long path with the plants and their medicine. Her background includes teaching, theatre production and project management.

When we got married in 2011, we made a promise, that together, through our actions, we would strive toward having a positive impact on the planet and all life. Since then, we have dedicated our lives to pursuing a life of connection and meaning. And so, here we are!

A huge thank you in advance. And be sure to go to our website - www.wetheuncivilised.org - to keep updated on our tour.

With deep gratitude and love, Lily and Pete xxx