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A campaign by Brecht Deriemaeker
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Toni Needs Our Support

On Sunday the 7th of July, Toni Robinson, garden manager at The Panya Project, lost her house in a fire. Not only that, but she also lost every single item in the house.

enter image description here

This is a huge setback for toni, as she lost many things

  • all her clothes
  • all her books
  • her permaculture diary
  • her drawings
  • her love letters from cyril
  • 2000 US Dollar (she saved this money to pay for her airplane ticket to France, where she will reunite with her lover, Cyril)
  • and worst of all, her ukulele.

For pepole who know Toni, it is obvious that this event is catastrophic. Here at Panya, she is the person who is always smiling, singing, dancing and working so hard in the gardens. She is the one who supports other community members during hard times. She is so kind to the world around her, she treats every plant and human being with the uttermost respect.

enter image description here

Now the roles have been reversed, she needs our support and she needs it now!

This is the Gameplan

We want to raise 3000 US Dollars that will help her to get through these difficult times.

This 3000 Dolllar is only 50 Dollar when you divide it over 60 people. I am sure Toni has way more than 60 friends that could donate 50 US Dollar, or 30 friends that are willing to donate 100 Dollar or ... If you don't know Toni but you feel for her, please donate some of your money to help her get through this disaster! She deserves it.

We want to raise this money in less than one month. Please help us!

What these contributions will go toward

  • The money she lost in the fire and that she needs to reunite with her love, Cyril = 2000 US Dollar
  • Her ukulele = 300 US Dollar
  • Books and clothes = 700 US DOllar

If we raise more than 3000 US Dollar, that would be great. As I am sure that the 3000 US Dollar is not nearly enough to cover all her losses.

Thank you so much.

From all the people at The Panya Project