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To the SE Asian Permaculture Convergence!

A campaign by Panya Project

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A campaign by Panya Project
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To the SE Asian Permaculture Convergence!

This coming November the first ever SE Asian Permaculture Convergence will be held in Hong Kong. This is very exciting for all the projects happening throughout East Asia, and we would like to be able to go.

The Panya Project is one of the leading permaculture centers in SE Asia, having trained up more people in permaculture than any other site in SE Asia.  We are a community of people, plants and animals that have been at it since 2006, now hosting more than 35 varieties of fruit in our food forest, a number of natural buildings, and hosting many courses per year.  We would love this opportunity to connect with other projects around SE Asia, create synergies and to be able to share what we have learned!  Help us make this happen!

To learn more about Panya, visit our website: www.panyaproject.org

The Panya Project runs on a pretty shoe-string budget.  In so many ways, we love this, as it forces us to use DIY, simple solutions in our permaculture systems.  But when an opportunity like this comes up, we wish that we had a bit more cash flow, so that we could participate in this great event.

If we can raise enough money to go to the convergence, we are prepared to set up a booth at the permaculture festival happening in the days leading up to the convergence, and to give a presentation during the event.  We don't want to be simply attendees, but to contribute however we can to this first time SE Asian Permaculture Convergence. 

We are going to do our best to keep our costs to a minimum, but to be able to send two people to the convergence for five days, we'll need the following monies:

$580 - two round trip, discount airline tickets
$300 - two entrance fees into the convergence (which we may get waived because we will be presenting)
$300 - five days of housing, food, transport ect ($30 per person per day)

Panya will contribute the $180 if we can get our extended community to contribute the rest.

Even a contribution of $20 would be much appreciated.  Thanks so much for your help!

This beautiful design was created by Richard Perkins of www.integralpermanence.com

Because this kind of campaign does not produce goods, we are offering simply to host you at the Panya Project at some time for your rewards.  If you contribute $10, you are welcome to come stay for a night.  If you contribute $50, come for a week! 

Hey, if you would like to do us the favor of helping to promote this campaign, please share it with your friends and family. You can share it on facebook by clicking the 'Like' button just below the video.  Thanks so much.

Much appreciation, and keep up the good work!
The Panya Project Team.

Thanks to Sunghee for all the amazing photos in the video!