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A campaign by Marcus Thomson

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A campaign by Marcus Thomson
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    A thank you email from me! The
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    The Book 'Reap, Sow, Grow'
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    I Commit to spreading the abundance of permaculture through music, writing, videos and teaching everywhere I go!

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This is Permaculture Book meets 'Eat, Pray, Love'! This is Permaculture Music meets 'Common Sense, Jimmy Hendricks and World beats'. This is a Dream campaign to change the world as we know it with an inspirational book and music album compilation! And your generous contribution will make this dream a sweet reality!

These memoirs (memories and interpretations of life's worldly experiences) have been documented from January 2011 - December 2013 and eloquently portrays a quest of a Permaculture teacher traveling the globe and scribing/singing about his renewed perspective in shifting the world at large. Comments of Déva's writings show a captivation of readers that 'feel like they are there' experiencing the fun, the challenges and the transformations this book brings you through. His Music is packed with Conscious lyrics showcasing permaculture practices and songs from the heart and soul!

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The Goal of our Campaign

is to fund the completion of the music album 'In Abundance' (recording, producing, mastering and packaging) as well as editing and publication for the book - 'Reap, Sow, Grow - A journey of a Permaculturist scribed and in song.'

  • $300 for editing the book
  • $500 for publishing
  • $500 for printing the first 100 copies
  • $5000 to produce songs
  • $800 to record live instruments
  • $1000 to mix and master the songs

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The Music Album: 'In Abundance'

All the songs are completely written with a few songs already in production. Songs like 'Take your time', 'Heart beat of the earth' and 'The Source for life' share wisdom for permaculture teachers and students alike to enjoy and spread the message of sustainability and abundance to others. We would love your help to get these songs recorded; get live instruments recorded; get the songs mix down, mastered and get it out there into the world!

The Book: 'Reap, Sow, Grow'

This book is a memoir of Déva's experiences as a permaculturist seeing the world with renewed senses. It takes you on a journey beginning in Japan and continues through Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia with Déva seeking out ecovillages, performing at festivals and teaching workshops at permaculture sites. Memoirs also include his times in Miami, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, many parts of Europe as well as the resent International Permaculture Convergence in Cuba. The book's main chapters have been written and we are in the editing phase and need help funding the editing, publishing and printing of the hard copy's. Here is a link to an introduction to the book and its first chapter: IT BEGAN IN JAPAN

Who am I?

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Marcus (Déva) is the founder and teacher with Permaculture Miami- generating sustainable designs and new designers since 2008 throughout south Florida and the world. He has produced many permaculture design projects and has lead countless workshops, events, courses and retreats in India, Thailand and Australia to Colombia, England, Spain, Scotland, Costa Rica, Cuba and throughout the US. He has written over 30 blogs on his experience (which will become the book!) and has several articles written about him in the New Times, Natural Awakenings as well as TV/Radio interviews about his accomplishments in Miami and abroad. With hundreds of his students now expanding permaculture in our world, Marcus aims to integrate more centers for sustainable living branding Permaculture as a significant solution in today’s Re-generation!