Support removal of plastic pollution and other trash in forests of Aluksne region in Latvia

A campaign by Pāvels Melnis

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A campaign by Pāvels Melnis
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Nature in post-soviet European republic Latvia is being trash plagued. People from cities, towns and local inhabitants go to the forest to pick berries, mushrooms or just to enjoy nature. Instead of thanking God and nature for these gifts, they bring and leave their trash, mostly package. I must mention used batteries and quicksilver light bulbs, that are very toxic. Last three years I was looking for opportunities to pick up this trash, bring it away back to town, sort it and give it away to recycle companies. I used my bicycles, my father's car, municipality+european support (one-euro-job) and Letsdoitworld campaign to collect trash in forests. This is not effective enough. I assume, if I had a trailer, I could save time and collect more trash.

The Budget

Financial support to obtain a trailer (i.e. TikiTreiler CS275-L, price 950 EUR, registration cost 115 EUR) is necessary.  Plus a bit more for incidental expenses.

My fathers car (VAZ-2121) load capacity is 500 kg and there is too little space inside a car. I would bear fuel costs, insurance, taxes, maintenance of trailer and a car, installation of a trailer hook on a car and costs of giving the trash away to the waste management facility.

The Forests of Aluksne, Latvia

Place of my activity is near Aluksne lake, which is connected to a Daugava river, that flows into Baltic sea. Baltic sea is a part of the World ocean. If region of Aluksne lake will be polluted by toxic materials like plastic, alkaline, quicksliver, heavy metals and other, then this pollution will travel with waters to the ocean, thus affecting all the world. Most dangerous is plastic because over time it turns into microplastic, which is almost impossible to collect. Microplastic forms Great Pacific garbage patch, it is found in animal stomachs If I could collect the trash in the forests now, microplastic and other pollution could be prevented.

Who am I?

My name is Pāvels Melnis. I am one of the few inhabitants of Jaunaluksne parish, Aluksne region, Latvia. I will collect the trash in the forests. If you are interested to see the situation with your own eyes, I invite you to visit my farm. You can contact me on facebook . My phone number is +371 26849315.
Some of my past activities, including photos, are described here:

Thanks so much for your contributions!