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With multiple crises that our earth is facing, we need a just and regenerative transition, with new perspectives, deep compassion and sharp awakened awareness of the inner and outer structures driving the present global situation. Awakening Leadership Training (ALT) based in SE Asia provides space for dialogue, reflection and contemplation on the deep questions facing humanity and our planet. We will support 5 young SE Asian changemakers to join the training program, to foster a new paradigm leadership, to challenge the destructive patterns and inequalities inherent in our dominant economic world.


We are facing a global climate and environmental crisis. The region of SE Asia is particularly vulnerable to the major climactic shifts, loss of vital natural resources, climate refugees, and cultural degradation, all inherent results of our dominant global economic system. We urgently need a new leadership among our future generations to take a stand against the destructive economic and social systems that are killing our communities and the planet. Transforming our underlying worldviews and values are paramount in the shift from systemic greed and competition, to systems of participation that promote common good, and recognise our interdependence with the natural world.


We will support 5 committed youth changemakers from around SE Asia to build their capacities and perspectives in regenerative and compassionate social transformation. They will have the opportunities to discover and reflect, heal and reconnect, and inspire change, through an education of the 'heart'. Fundamental to this will be a shift in values, deep compassion, and awakened awareness of the challenges we face, which fosters a deep commitment to working towards a sustainable and regenerative world that supports and values all life.

Transforming Worldviews for a New Leadership:

Awakening Leadership Training (ALT) is a comprehensive 5 month transformative learning journey based in Thailand. It integrates and deepens exploration of five dimensions of sustainability:

1. Emerging Worldview, Self Discovery and Healing (worldview dimension)
2. Interpersonal Dynamics: Power Sharing & Compassion (social dimension)
3. Eco-political Economy (economic dimension)
4. Ecology & Design (ecology & design dimension)
5. Skillful Means for Social Transformation

The program is based at Wongsanit Ashram (near Bangkok) eco-community, and includes learning journeys to live and learn with indigenous, grassroot and intentional communities across Thailand, explore and experiment with community building and self governance, and participate in the co-creation of knowledge together.

It is designed to support people committed to social change to:
HEART - Deepen self awareness and compassion to stay balanced to cope with the uncertainties of the present world situation
HEAD - Broaden perspectives and critically analyse root causes to current social and environmental issues
HANDS - Develop practical skills and meta-skills to facilitate new paradigm living
SPIRIT - Cultivate Right Mindfulness as the key factor for awakening at individual and social levels

·         We partner with Gaia Education. ALT is a certified Advanced Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course, which is a contributor to UNESCO Global Action Program on Education for Sustainable Development.

·         We partner with Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), an international platform for the co-creation of regenerative and restorative culture through connecting, sharing, promoting and supporting existing communities, projects and individuals, and the organisations, networks and local government bodies that support them.

·         We also offer a pioneering Master of Arts (MA) in Holistic Sustainability as a further deepening of learning and practical application for committed practitioners.

The Change We Want To See

Our 5 young SE Asian change-makers will meet criteria of:

·         Scope of support from mother organisation/in-country networks

·         Potentiality for leadership at national levels

·         Serious commitment to core values of Diversity, Integrity, Trust, Selfless Service, Oneness, Regeneration

·         Relevant experience in practical sustainability initiatives

As a result of joining the training, they will have the perspectives, skills, and analytical clarity to stand up and take a key role in creating a more compassionate and sustainable future. They will be enabled to step forward bravely and compassionately to create regenerative models and relationships in their families, communities and societies, to inspire transformative change at all levels. They will look beyond the same mindsets and systems that have created the multiple crises we are facing now on our planet and 'BE the change they want to see'.

They will be part of an expanding and dynamic network of changemakers in the region, including the Global Ecovillage Network, Climate and Ecology Network, ALT alumni network, Eco-versities Alliance, Towards Organic Asia, Right Livelihood College alumni, and more.

 Through these strategic partnerships and networks, they will participate in bringing synergies for broad-scale movement building in the region, through raising visibility of vast and diverse range of existing and new locally-based solutions to our shared crises, that can either be scaled up, contextually adapted and applied within SE Asian region.