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Support New Generation Leadership in SE Asia!

A campaign by awakening leadership training

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We are facing global social and environmental crises. The region of Southeast Asia – rich in natural resources and indigenous cultures – is particularly vulnerable to the major climactic shifts, loss of vital natural resources, migration of climate refugees, and cultural degradation, which are all inherent results of our globalised mainstream economic paradigm.

We are raising money to support the urgent need for a new paradigm of leadership in the region. We provide space for dialogue, reflection and contemplation on the deep questions facing humanity and our planet. Our curriculum draws on existing indigenous wisdom, coupled with inner transformation and societal understanding,  and techniques for community building and effective, mindful leadership.

Our training is designed to support people committed to social change to:
HEART – Deepen self awareness and compassion to stay balanced to cope with the uncertainties of the present world situation
HEAD – Broaden perspectives on social and environmental issues
HANDS – Develop practical skills and meta-skills
SPIRIT – Cultivate Right Mindfulness as the key factor for awakening

We are raising money for 5 youth leaders from SE Asian region who are actively committed to transformative social change  to attend our powerful learning journey to discover and reflect, heal and reconnect, and inspire change.

The money raised will support partial scholarship for food and accomodation costs during 4-5 weeks of training at our centre in Thailand.

The costs are $30 per day for 3 meals and simple accomodation, plus $150 per training module towards training fees. Each student will be supported total of $1,500 to support these costs while attending one learning dimension of our training (3-5 weeks per dimension).

They will attend intensive and transformative learning on sustainable living, and will be equipped with knowledge and skilful means in:

·         Meditation and Mindfulness Practice

·         NVC and Conflict Transformation

·         Power and Oppression

·         Climate Change and Deep Ecology

·         Sustainability Models

·         Community Organising

·         Mindfulness-based Facilitation

Supporting new paradigm leadership for the new generation of leaders is vital at this important time. We need a transformative shift in how we understand our relationship with the world around us. Lets work together to bravely and compassionately challenge the self destructive systems and structures at play, and create new models and relationships that fully and gratefully recognise our interdependence on each other and the natural world around us!