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A campaign by Bright Sky
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    A 'THANK YOU' will be shouted from the top of my mountain in New York, followed by an ecstatic 30-second dance in your honour

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Howdy Y'all!

My name is BRIGHT SKY and I am a SUPERHERO with a hero alliance called the HAUL OF JUSTICE.

Every year, caped crusaders from across America (and Dimension 57) pick a state to ride through on bicycles, and in their capes and costumes perform spontaneous acts of community service, love, and kindness.

We do everything from pulling weeds to painting fences to volunteering at emergency resident centers to constructing rainwater catchment gutters to volunteering with low-income housing projects to free bike maintenance to reality bonking university campuses to assisting non-profits and permaculture projects to... well, you get the idea.

This aligns with the permaculture ethics perfectly - EARTH CARE ( riding our bikes to get from place to place and eating a local organic diet! ), PEOPLE CARE ( serving those around us! ), and FAIR SHARE ( accepting our responsibilities as able-bodied community members to help others! )

This year's ride starts on August 10th in Columbiaville, Michigan.

I'd like to be there!

But I need your help!

Cedric, my trusty Lvl6 bicycle mount, had a rough ride last year. He lost his front derailer and part of the front brake handle. I'd like to take him into my local bike shop, Grind N Gears, in Warrensburg, NY, for a tune-up and repairs. It's going to cost about $111 to get him in touring shape.

I'm leaving NY this weekend (!) so this needs to be a fast campaign! I have 5 days to raise the $111 that I need.

If you like to help, AWESOME. If you can't help with money, but have a cape and bike of your own and you'd like to join us, EVEN MORE AWESOME. Email me at Bright@the-shire.org for more details. OR contact Laughing Moon at universeofyesses@gmail.com or Stardust at elimay1981@yahoo.com

All extra money will be carried directly to the Alliance, and while it will be group consensus how the money is spent, usually it goes to great projects that we inevitably meet along the way.

Thank you so much for reading! Remember: CHOOSE LOVE!!