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Summit/Everest Nature Connection and Wilderness Skills campout

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A campaign by JT Beggs
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    A Shell Bead strung on string made of natural fibers gathered during our wilderness trip and fashioned by hand from the Riekes teens without the use of modern tools!

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Summit/Everest Nature Connection

The Riekes Center (http://riekes.org/nature-awareness/) is doing it's Summit/Everest teen wilderness intersession. This awesome program gets teens from Redwood City as well as other parts of the Peninsula and engages them in nature connection every day for two months!

Through this process we begin to learn about our place on this earth and our responsibilities to our communities and ourselves. In our program we strive to awaken the vitality and stoke of our teens and move that energy towards positive growth of culture and restoration of nature.

For our camp-out this year this wonderful group of young adults will be traveling to the Milipitas Recreation Area in the lush, abundant Santa Lucia Mtns within Fort Hunter Ligget. This area is known by most as 'the Indians' because of the abundance of indigenous people that once called it their home (these cultures are actually still very present in the surrounding valley).

Teen Campout 2012
The camp out will involve many of our core routines of nature connection including:

  • sit spots,
  • giving thanks,
  • tracking,
  • survival skills,
  • questioning and wandering,

as well as some really special highlights including:

  • solo time in nature,
  • visits with swimming holes and waterfalls,
  • Deepening the relationship and understanding of natural and cultural histories of CA.

We will crown the experience with service time and harvesting of animals and plants for a feast with Quail Springs Permaculture (www.quailsprings.org).


Unfortunately, we like many others at this time have suffered cutbacks from budgetary issues within schools. We are looking to raise $300 per kid minimum, with 16 youths this totals $4800. This covers the basic expenses of the trip for the students. Any additional funds raised will be used to pay for the overtime that the instructors are currently donating because of the budget deficiency.

Thanks so much for your contributions.