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SKOG: Pre-project - music theater production

A campaign by Matias Askvik

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Successfully funded on August 5, 2016
A campaign by Matias Askvik
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    A true story from the forest told by the actors, captured on film, and exclusively sent to you.

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    A personal postcard with picture of a staged fairytale.

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    A CD containing the music produced during the workshop and a handmade cover folder with text and images.

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    A half hour house concert in your own living room, with musical and performative material created during the workshop.
    Note: only for homes located in the areas around Oslo and Bergen (unless travel costs are covered- in that case we can come anywhere).

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Help realize a theater project with flying ants and bark beetles, actors overexploiting the resources and Hansel and Gretel getting lost in the forest.


Even though climate change is one of our greatest challenges throughout all time, few theatre performances have been addressing this topic. Are theater makers in fear of being moralistic? Is it because nature lacks bad marriages or other relational conflicts? Or do we simply think it is hard to identify with something not a human? We believe identifying is possible. And maybe necessary as well.

Many of us have experiences and memories connected to the forest. We want to explore and contextualize this string. SKOG wants to give its audience a new personal relation to the forest and climate change.

Through interviews we want to find peoples´ forests, their memories and stories. We will also use folk music and fairytales, which are collective memories from the forest. 


During the six days of our pre-project we will start shaping these elements. Interviews will be held, some text written, a lot of music made, and choreography produced. All of this forming a firm foundation for our performance which will be completed in 2017. 

We really wish for this performance to create the material on the floor. This requires for performers and creators to be together. We are two performers, a director, a scenographer, and a writer/dramaturg. All will take part in this workshop.

The workshop will be held at Skirstad Gård, Hadeland (where the trailer was made). We will work and sleep for free. But we still need help to make these days happen!

The crowdfunding will cover:

- Travel costs from Bergen, Denmark, Oslo and Fredrikstad.

- Food

- Small economical compensation to the artists involved.

- Materials and equipment

If we raise more than $2,500 the surplus will be used to realize the final project in 2017.


Ingrid Askvik (NO) - Director, graduated Amsterdam Hoogeschool der Kunsten 2015

Matias Askvik (NO) - Scenographer and musician, graduated Norwegian Theater academy 2015

David Denko Jensen (D) - Performer, graduated Norwegian Theater academy 2015

Mees Borgman (NL) - Performer, graduated Amsterdam Hoogeschool der Kunsten 2015

Kristofer Grønskag (NO) - Playwriter and dramaturg, master Theater and Drama NTNU