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A campaign by Guillermo
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    My deepest gratitude and appreciation for your support, and a feature on the credits on my final PDC project in Rak Tamachat.

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    My deepest gratitude and
    a personal 'thank you e-card' from my self with a picture during the PDC in Thailand.

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    A printed postcard from Thailand with a hand-written dedicatory, plus a personal gift from Thailand.

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    Thanks a lot!, your support is very important for me, I will be very happy to share with you my final designing project in the PDC, plus a personal gift from Thailand.

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    A huuuuuge thank you plus the other rewards plus a traditional handkerchief of my region.

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    Wow!, thank you so much forever.
    I hope one day give back your support, meanwhile I can reward you with:
    All the other rewards and you are very welcome to visit my future farm plus a special tour in my city(food, music, history). Also If there is any course on that time, you're very welcome to do it with a 40% discount.

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In Spain there is a saying 'It is sad to beg, but it is sadder to steal'. :)

About the Permaculture Superhero’s journey

Hi! My name is Guillermo and as you already figured it out, I’m from Spain. I am begging a bit for your attention hoping to convince you to support my crowdfunding campaign. With your help I plan to become a Permaculture Superhero.

I'm a young Spanish guy who since 2012 has been travelling around Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and lately Thailand. But I was not doing it as a tourist, I was wwoofing or working as a volunteer in Organic Farms. A bit like the initiating journey of a hero. And you know that it can be many times quite hard, but the best part of it was that I could meet amazing people who are trying to make this world better from the farm where they live. (superhero language: they want to save the planet. permaculture superhero language: they save the planet by creating beautiful places).

After this long overseas experience, it's time to go home and hopefully I will be able to apply what I learned in my own farm. But before doing that, I would like to finish a Permaculture Design Course for, in a way, to complete my education as a permaculturist (maximize my Permaculture powers).

How will this benefit the community?

The region where I came from has a millenary farm tradition. In their own way people have been using “Permacultura” techniques, but of course without the fancy name. They were just cultivating organic veggies and designing the land as a modern permaculturist for many years with care and love for the earth and the surrounding. However, every fairytale has its own bad side, in this case big companies aiming for profits and producing at lower costs, and the exodus from countryside to the cities.

Yes, my plan is to go back as the Permaculture superhero, or at least a somewhat positive character and partner with other friends in an organic farm where we can apply permaculture solutions and organic production to face the local problems as shortage of water, treating diseases/plagues/GMO invasion and energy loses. The ancestral knowledge of the land is already there, we’ll bring fresh ideas and try to find the right mix.

About the Course

You already know that I have working experience on farms around the world. Now I need just to finalized my studies. Or in superheros terms, to maximize my Permaculture powers.

I found this place in Thailand where there is a complete course, actually it is a pack of 4 courses: A Permaculture Design Course + Permaculture Master Planner Training + Mushroom school + Super Adobe methods. I couldn't believe that I found a course that fits so well what I want to do :)

I am especially interested in how to manage the projects because I have never started a permaculture project and that stage is the most important in a permaculture project. In this place they have a great methodology for project management which they emphasize so the participants can develop their own projects in a most successful way. With the Super Adobe course I also will be able to adapt this useful technologies to build a more energetic efficient houses.


What I Ask

Through the Rak Tamachat website I found this website and I was really surprised to see how other people had been successful in funding their dreams. And they became local Permaculture superheroes!, so then I realize that it can be a very good opportunity for me as well.

Because my plan was go to Thailand to wwoof I'm only asking for the price of the course and the transport to go there.

Course: 1,000 USD

Transport: 100 USD

Total: 1100 USD

Note: Please remember that even if you have no money to donate, you still can help spreading the word out. Letting other people be aware of the project is also a great support.

I don't have much to offer in exchange for your contribution, but...

Please keep in touch via email: guillermo.cano.es(at)gmail.com

Many thanks for taking the time and helping me on my journey!

With love, peace and respect,