Send 15+ friends to a local PDC in 2019!!

A campaign by Kendra Marie Hoffman

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  • January 12, 2019

    Happy to be able to help a little toward this wonderful journey Ari and her friends are on. Best of luck!

  • David High January 7, 2019

    Love you guys and hope to work with you all in due time. Can’t wait to hear about the journey!

  • Jim Akers January 6, 2019

    We The Trees - Welcome to Harrisburg!!

  • Marnie Ware January 5, 2019

    Good for all of you! I'm proud to contribute to like-minded people. I'm trying to do similar things with a group of people on the west side of Chicago on the property of the school I teach at. Keep up the great work. As a teacher, I respect your choices. Out with the old model and in with the new! Sincerely, Marnie Ware. look us up at :)

  • Matthew Kenny January 2, 2019

    Love you all

  • Pamela Parson December 31, 2018

    From Keith and I!