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Send 15+ friends to a local PDC in 2019!!

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    Every dollar is a vote for the kind of world you want to see thrive!

    Your name will be listed in the credits of our special thank you video at the end of the campaign.

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    Our infinite gratitude, your name listed on our "thank you video," PLUS a 2019 PDC Video Journal of our experience!

    You will receive 7 video journal entries, one every other week, as a private report from our crew.

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    More gratitude and promises to save the world… while we tongue-twist and flip-flop our way through! This reward boasts a hilarious bloopers video of any material we create along the way!

    Personal gratitude, inside access to our journey, from silly to serious, PLUS a beautiful “ebook” pdf download created from professional images taken by our crew members throughout our experience.

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    ALL above rewards (thank you, video journals, bloopers and “ebook”) PLUS we will mail you a perma-personalized thrift store t-shirt, AND a print of your favorite image from the ebook!

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    Above rewards PLUS a digital packet of permaculture wisdom and ecologically inspired art and music, from research and resources we curate, to creative arts we explore during this holistic journey!

    This includes ALL above rewards, which will require a physical address from you :)

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    Above rewards PLUS we will PLANT A TREE in your honor, and send you a picture of it in your personalized digital packet of permaculture wisdom we are obtaining through this experiential education.

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    Sponsor a permaculture-oriented, hands-on training class for kids/teens that we will teach in the Harrisburg area after completion of our certificate course.

    You will receive a report and photograph of the class, and ALL of the previous rewards, which means we will need a physical address from you!

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    Provide a scholarship for one crew member (or future student) to take this PDC! This entire campaign is based on this need, both within our crew, and among our wider community. Your choice to directly support the funding needs of one certificate, is the highest gift!

    We will send you a detailed report, a photograph of our graduation, and ALL the previous rewards listed, of course! We will only need a physical mailing address from you :)

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We are a group of 15+ friends and coworkers who live, cook, landscape, consult, teach, work and grow together around Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and we are taking a Permaculture Design Certificate course together! Read more about each of us BELOW. 

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Permaculture teaches us how to care for Earth, people and our future using design methods based in nature. 

A few of us have already received our Permaculture Design Certificate. We've been able to use this knowledge in our homes, gardens, businesses and community work. We are excited to expand our skills and share this experience with our closest friends and coworkers! 

The two local courses being attended by various members of this group are: 

Please read more about the PDC via these links... it is an incredible and timely education. 

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We really want to take the PDC together, but we need financial assistance, for all of us to participate. 

Crowdfunding is a fun way to raise money transparently, and to connect with our larger social circles, giving everyone around us an opportunity to participate, to some degree, in this experience. 

Here is a link to our open shared google spreadsheet showing costs. 

$10,500 would cover most costs for 15 of us to attend a PDC together (approx $700 each). 

Our first goal is to raise $3,500... then keep going for more!


Many of us already live, eat, work and build community together. We all care deeply about Harrisburg, these mountains and the Susquehanna river - our locale, our physical home and social place of belonging.  

Together, we have cultivated a strong desire to build a local sustainable business (or several) together offering services varying from design, consulting and landscaping to food catering and event management. Most of us already do this work, and we are hoping to expand our team and build our capacity to connect and co-create with this knowledge and experience. 

We also intend to allow this educational experience to inform our next steps, through practicing the permaculture design principles and techniques that we learn, and by seeking guidance from the instructors.

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Aside from building a local cooperative effort together, many of us also have personal goals...

Matthew has studied permaculture for several years, and has been landscaping for much of his life. He hopes to build a Harrisburg youth landscaping training program in our urban and suburban communities, to provide life skills and create opportunities for young men and women.

Ariane intends to use permaculture design to develop a greenhouse in partnership with Living Well Institute at Eisenbise Farm. She also plans to use the education to enhance her degree in environmental studies, specifically in the aspects of sustainable water irrigation.

Evan is excited to retake the PDC and expand his awareness of the principles and ethics to include more social design and community building. He loves humans and wants to steep himself in the rich community, education, health and sociology of permaculture, as we allow the next steps to emerge.

Ian intends to integrate his work as a wildlife biologist, birder and naturalist with whole systems design to include more edible plants and food crops in his landscape recommendations, as well as enhancing his knowledge of the natural world and how to build a homestead with his partner.

Jessica is excited to pull all of her interests and expertise together within the design framework of permaculture, to create a more sustainable lifestyle and infuse her teachings (as a guidance counselor at a local charter school and a freelance yoga teacher) with wisdom from this study.   

Emily is interested in expanding her knowledge and experience with plants, gardening and herbal medicine, as well as the social design aspects permaculture could offer her in her business and yoga studio.

Tyler has long been contemplating how to integrate wisdom from observing nature (permaculture) into his improv practice and love for music and arts. He hopes the PDC will illuminate some opportunity there, as well as provide practical skills and increase his sense of direction. 

Matt has a passion for playing around with various natural building techniques and is excited to integrate permaculture concepts on a larger social/community setting.

Izzy intends to integrate this PDC knowledge into her daily lifestyle. She looks forward to this collective experience with her best friends and community members, in hopes of working together, on a more effective scale. She’s also excited to pass permaculture principles on to her son!

Maddie aims to implement and share the systems she learns, both in her own life and with others. She is excited to share sustainable living practices with her family, friends, and communities. She also desires to gradually expand this knowledge into underprivileged areas throughout the world.

Kendra loves food, organizing, and cultivating deeper relationships with all things. She has wanted to take a second PDC with her core community members for years, to get on the same page with whole systems thinking, and potentially create a business together, so this is a dream come true!

Jimi is passionate about whole-systems thinking from agriculture, medicine, economics, entertainment, childcare, science, to spirituality and beyond. He often wonders, What would all of these look like if we can from the understanding that every part of the world affects the whole?

Julie has experience in culinary construction and landscaping.  Project 1 of 1000 after the PDC is to create a beautiful yard that fully integrates edibility and usefulness with minimum waste and natural sustainability.  She wants it to be a gorgeous machine without mechanical components.

Margaret hopes to learn how to help humans live with nature more sustainably. She looks forward to having skills that will help her teach others how to be a functional part of the ecosystems from which we often feel detached. She also has many years experience in kitchens, farms and earth work! 


  1. Join us and study Permaculture! Contact hoffman.kendra@gmail.com
  2. Contribute $ to our campaign - Find a REWARD on the right :) 
  3. Send letters/checks of support to any of us at:    210 Oakleigh Ave. Harrisburg, PA 17111
  4. Follow us on Instagram  |  Join our Facebook Group  |  Subscribe to our Email List 

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