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A campaign by Hannah Hemmelgarn
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I have LESS THAN ONE MONTH to raise these funds!! Let generosity and kindness interconnect us all!!! Thank you for your support. If you'd like updates about what I learn and how the school garden network is growing, please send your request and interests to hlhemmelg@gmail.com

What's happening?

This July, the American Horticultural Society will be holding a National Children and Youth Garden Symposium in Denver, CO. Sessions include intensives on therapeutic gardening, sensory learning and play, and so much more that will help me achieve the foundation for the school and hospital garden programming I've been mixing from scratch here in Columbia, Missouri.

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Currently, I'm a Montessori school garden teacher, and have been working with the public schools to install native plant rain gardens as alternative science class spaces. I have a PDC and years of garden experience, but without the support of a common understanding that garden education and therapy is a worthwhile effort, I've run into so many roadblocks (often, literally, of impending pavement). Being able to go to the NCYG Symposium would grow my support network, the body of new literature proving the worth of time in the garden and in the wild, and my confidence with the curriculum.

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What your contributions pay for:

  • $370 to register for the NCYGS
  • $130 for travel to and from Denver
  • If my campaign succeeds beyond my needs for the symposium, remaining funds will supply fruit trees, berry bushes, and other needed materials for a budding communally shared edible forest garden in the low-income neighborhood where I reside, and where children many generations down the line will have an opportunity to play, taste, and dream.

To learn more about my educational garden and homestead efforts, visit www.midmofolk.org!

Thank you for your support!