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Saplings for Schoolyards - Carrboro High Forest Garden

A campaign by Whole Tree Permaculture

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Successfully funded on May 2, 2016
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    A faerie-blessed hazel wand, useful in dowsing for springs and casting spells of green growth, remembrance and joy...use wisely, with great power comes great responsibility.

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    A 45-min phone or in-person consultation on edible landscaping, permaculture, appropriate technology or functional magic, the choice is yours...

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    Half-day Permaculture Consultation with Whole Tree Permaculture (Macon and Scotty). We will help you plan the food-scaping of your yard, with species recommendations, locations and tending information to help transform your lawn into abundance!

    WNC or Piedmont Region (with some flexibility)

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    Song circle event, hosted by the creators and tenders of Singing Alive Appalachia, in the WNC area within one year (flexibility around scheduling). We will come to your community and teach songs, share magic and deep breathing and bring all participants a little closer, in the old way...

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The need for bringing the natural world into cities is critical.

Edible urban forest gardens can inspire the community to come together and rehabilitate our local ecosystem, as well as improve public health. Such a garden reduces agricultural climate impact and improves local food security (North Carolina has one the highest percentages in the United States of children under 18 who are food insecure on a regular basis).

~Spring 2016~

Whole Tree Permaculture and The Faerie Kin join together to present an ecological restoration filled with magic and fun. Using participatory performance to convey ecosystem dynamics in an engaging, memorable way, the project will culminate in an edible "Faerie Forest Garden" consisting of more than 21 species of fruits, nuts and herbaceous perennials; with a focus on native, pollinator-friendly plant allies. Carrboro High School has shown eager interest in establishing a Permaculture-based Forest Garden for use in education. Establishing this relationship feeds into the broader vision of a mobile demonstration tour, bringing permaculture to the hearts and minds of grade school students across the Southeast. Thanks for offering seed donations so that this project can start small and grow into an example that will feed future generations to come!

Whole Tree Permaculture - Mission Statement -

We are inspiring a cultural shift that values a living earth, and strives for balance, by reweaving human habitat into the fabric of natural ecosystems. We do this through permaculture design and implementation, teaching and learning experiences, and deep connection to the living world. We are transforming landscapes into abundant, diverse ecosystems of food, medicine and beauty. Join us, support us, blessings be to you!

The Faerie Kin are an Asheville-based performance troupe of enchanted stiltwalkers and merry elves. We spread joy and fun through song, dance, blessings, puppets, and parades. Our intent is not only to entertain but to uplift hearts & minds, sharing the energy of elementals and beings from other realms. We offer roaming sets, playshops and classes for all ages, faerie craft, and faerie tea at birthday parties, weddings, festivals and gatherings.

All gifts made to this campaign will go towards:
  • tools 
  • soil amendments
  • plants/tree seedlings
  • travel expenses
  • organizational time
  • making the world a greener and more vibrant place to be! 

~Wish List~

  • Tools Mattocks ($30/each) 
  • Digging Forks ($20/each) 
  • Shovels ($16/each) 
  • Pitchforks ($30/each) 
  • Wheelbarrows ($60/each) 
  • Trees + Plant Material 
  • Grafted Apples + Pears $30 
  • Hazelnuts ($15-25) 
  • Pecans ($15-25) 
  • Elderberries (in-kind!) 
  • Grafted Persimmons (in-kind) 
  • Paw Paws ($20) 
  • Juneberries ($25) 
  • Aronias ($20) 
  • Hawthorns ($25) 
  • Pollinator Seed Mix ($30 packet) 
  • Transportation + Travel 
  • Veggie Oil 
  • Bus Repair 
  • Roof rack ($25) 
  • Replacing glow plugs (@$75) 
  • Veggie oil ($1/g) 
  • Support Vehicle ($3/g) 
  • Food/Snacks for all ($50/day) 
  • 20 hr Time Reimbursement (so this work can be sustained!) 
  • $250 stipend/crew member 

We need your support! 

We give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way!