We The Trees

Regenerate Forest and Build a Natural Home for a Mixteca Family

A campaign by Soles de Piedra

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Successfully funded on January 17, 2015
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    Actually, any dollar (even $1) that you contribute earns this!

    Bay Maples: Wild California Landscapes, has offered to match any and all donations made. The CEO, Alan Hackler has been inspired by the past and future projects of Soles de Piedra. So his support is cutting our goal in half. So, for every dollar YOU contribute, Bay Maples will give a dollar to the project.

    If you would like to know more about Alan and his Grey water company : http://www.baymaples.com/ They are based in San Jose, California and working hard to make homes more beautiful and more sustainable.

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    Old Growth Soul Journer: A hip hop Reggae album from a dear friend of ours now living in Portland Oregon. He is a natural builder and someone who supports our cause by donating his music. An MP3 download will be available to anyone who would like it and makes a donation of over $25.00. For more information on the old growth soul journer and his music, go to: http://waterdragoncauldron.com/ or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/oldgrowthsouljourner?pnref=lhc He's good and supporting the cause. Give some love!

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    Prints of 'Disseminating Moon' by Tatum Marcus (a painting inspired by our project) are now available for a $50 donation! See the painting in the project description. The artist has her other works up on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaFortuna1010. Check it out!

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  • Soles de Piedra January 2, 2015

    We are sooo very close to reaching our goal!  Thank you to all who have contributed.  Blessings for a warm, happy and fulfilling 2015!

  • Soles de Piedra January 1, 2015

    view of the structure, walls will be adobe and the roof will be made of
    straw. Honorio, the father, will be teaching us how to make a
    traditional straw roof, from that area of Mexico.

  • Soles de Piedra January 1, 2015

    Another view from the top, wall structure included. All the buttresses are to add strength against earth quakes.

  • Soles de Piedra January 1, 2015

    is a basic design of a small home living structure that can easily be
    added onto. We will be using this as a design for the project in

  • Soles de Piedra December 13, 2014

    The land....where forest will again grow and an earthen home will shelter a local family, thanks to the efforts of this project and your generosity!

  • Soles de Piedra December 12, 2014

    Wow wow wow.  Thank you, Robert Ngatia and Adriana Figueroa for your recent generous donations of $450 and $200 respectively!!  With these contributions and those of Laraine Miller, Adinah Barlow, Sarah Grunder and Saill White (thank you thank you again!) we're at 66% with 36 days to go!  How exciting!!

  • Soles de Piedra December 2, 2014

    Soles De Piedra Fundraiser Disseminating Moon Art Print
    This painting by Tatum Marcus was inspired by the project.  Prints are now available to those contributing $50 or more!  Tatum's other work can be found at https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaFortuna1010. 

  • Soles de Piedra November 23, 2014

    Thank you, Sarah Grunder, for your contribution!  Let Baby GH know there's a tree in Oaxaca that's being planted in his honor.  It will be big by the time he's our age!  :) 

  • Soles de Piedra November 21, 2014

    Yayyy!  We already have our first We the Trees donation!  Thank you Saill White of Wicked Clever Designs in the Bay Area!