Regenerate Forest and Build a Natural Home for a Mixteca Family

A campaign by Soles de Piedra

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Successfully funded on January 17, 2015
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    Actually, any dollar (even $1) that you contribute earns this!

    Bay Maples: Wild California Landscapes, has offered to match any and all donations made. The CEO, Alan Hackler has been inspired by the past and future projects of Soles de Piedra. So his support is cutting our goal in half. So, for every dollar YOU contribute, Bay Maples will give a dollar to the project.

    If you would like to know more about Alan and his Grey water company : They are based in San Jose, California and working hard to make homes more beautiful and more sustainable.

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    Old Growth Soul Journer: A hip hop Reggae album from a dear friend of ours now living in Portland Oregon. He is a natural builder and someone who supports our cause by donating his music. An MP3 download will be available to anyone who would like it and makes a donation of over $25.00. For more information on the old growth soul journer and his music, go to: or on Facebook at: He's good and supporting the cause. Give some love!

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    Prints of 'Disseminating Moon' by Tatum Marcus (a painting inspired by our project) are now available for a $50 donation! See the painting in the project description. The artist has her other works up on Etsy Check it out!

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