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Regenerate Forest and Build a Natural Home for a Mixteca Family

A campaign by Soles de Piedra

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    Actually, any dollar (even $1) that you contribute earns this!

    Bay Maples: Wild California Landscapes, has offered to match any and all donations made. The CEO, Alan Hackler has been inspired by the past and future projects of Soles de Piedra. So his support is cutting our goal in half. So, for every dollar YOU contribute, Bay Maples will give a dollar to the project.

    If you would like to know more about Alan and his Grey water company : http://www.baymaples.com/ They are based in San Jose, California and working hard to make homes more beautiful and more sustainable.

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    Old Growth Soul Journer: A hip hop Reggae album from a dear friend of ours now living in Portland Oregon. He is a natural builder and someone who supports our cause by donating his music. An MP3 download will be available to anyone who would like it and makes a donation of over $25.00. For more information on the old growth soul journer and his music, go to: http://waterdragoncauldron.com/ or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/oldgrowthsouljourner?pnref=lhc He's good and supporting the cause. Give some love!

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    Prints of 'Disseminating Moon' by Tatum Marcus (a painting inspired by our project) are now available for a $50 donation! See the painting in the project description. The artist has her other works up on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaFortuna1010. Check it out!

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Last year  Soles de Piedra built an earthen house for a family in Guatemala for $6,000.

It was a beautiful success!  There were volunteers there from five different countries and the funds were donated by people from the US, France and Mexico. Press play below to see the video.

This year we will bring together another volunteer team of international natural builders and local traditional earthen builders in Tilantongo, Nochixtlán, 110km NW of Oaxaca City, Mexico, in an effort to build a home for a local Mixteca family and regenerate forest to reduce erosion in the region.

Goals of this Campaign

The project begins the last week of January, will take about 8 weeks to complete, and will cost almost $8000 US.

The build will be an adobe/cob structure, complete with a sleeping area, kitchenette, composting toilet and shower.  The roof will be a traditional palm roof, created under the direction of Honorio, the father.

The second part of the campaign will be analyzing the land and then planting hundreds of native trees and plants in the effort to combat the massive erosion problem happening in Oaxaca.

It will involve volunteers from the US, Mexico, France and we hope a few others. Also the local Mixtecas and architectural students from the University of Mexico will join in the project. 

Economics of this Campaign

We need to raise $7,860 in 60 days.  We the Trees works on an all or nothing basis, so please help us make our goal and spread the word.

The Breakdown of the funds will be as follows:

·  $1,200 for Honorio (the father) and Tigre (his son) to work with us for the duration of the project.

·  Labor of local and international volunteers valued at $8,000 (donated by volunteers)

·  $3,230 Housing and food for the volunteers and the family. (We will be sharing meals)

·  $2,250 for building materials, this includes clay earth, lime, wood, sand and local palm leaves.

·  $1,175 for tools.

·  The native trees and plants will be donated by The Center of Sustainable Development of the Mixteca AC.  

·  $7860 is the total budget.

If we raise more than the goal, the excess will be used to purchase solar panels for the house.
The reason the total is different than what we are asking for on We the Trees is because we are fundraising outside of this site as well. With all our efforts combined we are sure we will make the goal set.
To see the updated total we have raised outside of We the Trees check out the facebook of Soles de Piedra.  


The children’s walk to school will change from two hours to less than 10 minutes. The current commute makes consistent attendance almost impossible. Their education hinges on this project.

The forest that starts to grow and flourish will breathe life back into the highlands of Oaxaca.  The new forest will help stabilize the land, nourish the soil, reduce greenhouse effect and support an increase of wildlife.

Who is involved

Soles de Piedra:
Pedro Pizzaro, who is an architect from Mexico City 
CharlyCorenjo, who is a videographer and artist from Mexico City 
David Gonzales who is a natural builder and project organizer from Detroit MI 

     FB: Soles De Piedra

Seven Fires Foundation: (http://www.7fires.org/) is a U.S. based 501c3 with a parallel mission for the  preservation of culture and ancient traditions.  Formed by natural builder and philanthropist Tammy Van, it will serve as our fiscal sponsor and collect funds for the project, so your donation will be tax deductible in the U.S.

The Center of Sustainable Development of the Mixteca AC:
Israel Cortes, Biologist and Director and creator of the Organization.  Their mission is restoring the pride and cultural identity of the Mixteca people in Oaxaca.

A Special $50 Reward

This painting by Tatum Marcus was inspired by the project.  Prints are now available to those contributing $50 or more!  Tatum's other work can be found at https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaFortuna1010. 

Other Ways You Can Help...

Spread the word! 

Tell your friends and families about what we are doing. 

Support us on facebook, Soles De Piedra and the 7fires website. 

Contact us at solesdepiedra@gmail.com