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Permaculture Everywhere! (...but especially here): A PDC For Michelle

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A campaign by Michelle Kearney
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    For those of you donating $5 or less, you will receive a thank you e-mail with two of the following included. Select the two that work best for you, and they will be on their way!::: • Instructions on how to make eco-friendly paint and glue from flour and kitchen spices. • Permaculture coloring pages illustrated by yours truly • List of and info on permaculture super plants for beginners • Intro to Permaculture Information Packet
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  • Contribute $10 or more

    In addition to your two favorite choices from the $5 reward category, you will also receive a link to a hand-selected book of recipes complied from a several-month long, cross-country trip that I have recently completed. These recipes include preserves from a Primitive Survival camp in Texas, breakfast from Quebec, and dinner from Spain, just to name a few. The people and recipes in this book are top notch.
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  • Contribute $15 or more

    Now, please pick THREE of your favorites from the $5 category. You will get those three, a link to the cookbook, and your pick of one of the following::: • A selection of seed packets from the list of permaculture super plants for beginners • An approximately 8x8 handmade wall hanging displaying my adaptation of the permaculture logo: the egg of life. It will be made from sage-cleansed, recycled cloth.
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  • Contribute $35 or more

    For a donation of $35 or more, you will receive your top three choices from the $5 grouping, a link to the cookbook, both options from the $15 group, and your choice of one of the following (all of these items will be hand-made from sage-cleansed, recycled cloth)::: • Cloth grocery bag for produce and dried good items like rice and flour. It will be accompanied by tips for use. • Three adjustable anklets/bracelets or a headband • Decorative, hanging cloth banner made from various colorful fabrics. Great for hanging in places with lots of natural light to come through.
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  • Contribute $50 or more

    For a donation of $50 or more, I am unbelievably excited to be able to give the link to a Vinyasa Flow yoga course (appropriate for all levels of experience) with the absolutely wonderful Annie Sheehan, RYT 500; hers is one of the best yoga courses I have ever taken. If yoga is not your thing, please choose one of the following instead ((in addition to whichever one of these four that you choose, you will receive two selections from the $35 category, all of the $15 and $10 category items, and three of the $5 category items.)) Here are your choices ::: • Annie's yoga course link • A batch of homemade apple cinnamon preserves (these are so delicious, it's hard to let them be preserves and not an immediate snack) • A hand-made, interactive, and educational guide through permaculture made from recycled magazines, newspapers, and an abundance of weird but great creativity (great for all ages) • A set of three of the cloth grocery bags described in the $35 reward category
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  • Contribute $100 or more

    For a donation of $100 or more, you will receive all of the $5, $10, $15, and $35 groups' items, as well as your choice of two of the $50 group's. On top of that, you will receive certified, climate-specific information and tips regarding your own homestead.
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I know what you're thinking.  What is permaculture, and why does everyone keep using the word like I should know it?   I present to you: Permaculture, in a Paragraphish

In the words of permaculture's co-founder, Bill Mollison...
'(...)Permaculture is the study of the design of those sustainable or enduring systems that support human society, both agricultural & intellectual, traditional & scientific, architectural, financial & legal. It is the study of integrated systems, for the purpose of better design & application of such systems.'

In the words of the (admittedly-not-yet-certified) me...
It is an environmental movement and an agricultural science operating on a specific set of ethics and principles.  The end goal is a group of closed loop, self-sustaining systems that maximize resources and minimize human input.  
For example, one of my favorite principles is 'Produce No Waste' - everything in your systems should have a use, so any waste indicates chaos somewhere.  

If this all leaves you hankering for more info, please see this website (or donate and receive a permaculture info brochure as a thank you!) for more info:  http://www.permacultureactivist.net/intro/PcIntro.htm   


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The goal of this campaign is to raise enough money for myself to take a Permaculture Design Course (PDC).  A PDC is an internationally recognized certificate course covering every major topic in Permaculture: a Designers Manual (written by Bill Mollison).  I will learn a broad range of topics applicable to life anywhere on this planet, and create designs for real world projects such as:
  • food forests
  • permaculture-style gardens
  • natural building
  • water catchment
  • irrigation systems. 

After taking the course, my goal is to take this knowledge and work it into a new definition of a green urbanism.  Green roofs, living walls, water catchment systems, edible parks, and community gardens.  Houses and structures that can compost or otherwise reuse their own waste.  These thoughts and ideas need to be brought into the cities! 

Here is a link to the home page of the school I will be taking the course through:


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You decide!  I have set up some rewards for your donations by price bracket (see right side of page).  Within each tier, there are several options, and you choose which ones best apply to you.  By donating and spreading the word, you can help spread the movement and get permaculture-inspired rewards.

As the amount you donate increases, so does the number of items you can pick from the previous price tiers; however, selecting all of them is not mandatory.  


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The course I would like to take is $550, so your contributions will go straight on into that.  HOWEVER.  There is NO LIMIT to how much a campaign can raise.  Around $650 would compensate me for the time and costs of this campaign, and anything upwards of $650 will be set aside for future permaculture goals and/or donated to a fellow campaigner on this site.

100% of what you donate will go to me or a source of my choosing, unless I can't raise the set goal in time.  If that is the case, your donation will be returned to you.  This is because We The Trees runs on an 'all or nothing' policy; if I can't raise all of it, I get none of it. 

One of the reasons behind that (and I definitely agree with this ) is that they want to ensure that I can deliver on my promises to you, which would not be the case if I don't get the funding for them.  

                                                             Thank you