PDC in Hungary! Support 10+ people to get their permaculture design certificate! And help us run this PDC for our community!

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A campaign by arghavan shekari
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Our story:
I'm a designer, I'm a teacher, I'm a permaculturist, I'm a dreamer
 and I'm a MOM to be! 
Since the moment I knew that soon I will bring a human being to this world, I became obsessed with these questions:
1.what are the first images of "world" and "life" that we will introduce to this baby? 
2. What is going to be our legacy for our baby and all the unborn children?

Along with my partner and 5 like minded Friends, we started a group called
" Greenwheel" and we are sharing the same mission and vision.
Our vision:

we believe "Being" the change and "living" the change should start today and with "me" then our community.
 What this change means to us? It means Going back to mother nature to find out the healing of the wounds that we made on ourselves and our environment and our society. 
We believe in human being and in human consciousness. We believe that it's not to late to stop destroying ourselves and our planet. 
 We believe connecting with the nature again, as "Permaculture" teaches us living sustainably in harmony with nature ,will rise our consciousness,  empathy and creativity.
These are the qualities what we should teach our children and this is the images of the "world" and "life" that we want to introduce to them. This is what we want to leave behind for the next generations!

Our campaign:
We believe Permaculture could be a solution to a sustainable future. 
This PDC is our first project as Greenwheel group together. 
We organized the course with the hope that,  all the group members along with more people in our community will learn this amazing knowledge, so we could hold hands and rise together to build a community based on our vision. 
We need your support to have more people on board and make this course and dream happen!

for more information about the PDC course check out: