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One One Coco Project- St. Thomas, Jamaica

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A campaign by Coda Phillips
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One One Coco Project

The Source Farm Foundation Ecovillage will be offering 10 young people within the Parish of St.Thomas, Jamaica an opportunity to participate in a 3 month intensive practical Permaculture and Organic Farming course. Armed with practical knowledge, tools, and land to farm, the participants will create their own farm plot and the produce will be sold at their very own Organic Farmstand in Kingston.

Morant Bay, St. Thomas, Jamaica

A bit of History

The Parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica for over a century has systemically been the most forgotten and underdeveloped parish in Jamaica. Even though the parish sits less than 30 minutes from Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica, most Jamaicans often do not remember this important gem. Due to the Morant Bay Rebellion in 1865 the parish has been labeled as a “troublemaker parish” and has suffered from little to no representation by the government. past and present. This neglect has resulted in poor roads, lack of infrastructure, high unemployment and poor living conditions and a great sense of hopelessness amongst the youth.

Historically, St. Thomas is a farming parish. The parish was known for sugar and banana production. However, since the liberalization of the Banana Industry by the European Union and NAFTA all the banana plantations have closed leaving no major employer in the parish. The people of St. Thomas still rely on small cash crops and tree crop production for their livelihood. There are very few farmers using Permaculture and Organic Farming methods for crop production.

Traditional farmers still practice slash and burn, all the seeds for cash crops are tainted with pesticides and no organic seeds are actually sold on the island. Ministry of Agriculture with the assistance Rural Agricultural Development Agency(RADA) regularly encourage the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on crops and rarely offerJ alternative solutions to pests and other farming challenges.

The One One Coco Project hopes to start a renaissance of organic and natural farming in the parish among the young people.

Interesting Facts about Organic Farming in Jamaica

  • There is only 3 certified organic farmers in Jamaica- 2 Coffee Farmers and 1 Vegetable Farmer
  • There are no organic markets or farmstands in Jamaica
  • There are no organic seeds sold in Jamaica
  • Jamaica imports over 65% of it foods
  • Slash and burn is a common farming practice throughtout the island

Jamaica Organic Agricultural Movement (JOAM)- Farmers Gathering

The One One Coco Project

There is a saying, 'One, One Coco Full Basket' meaning every little amount adds up. This is a very important theme for the organic movement in Jamaica for there are not many people that have embraced organic farming in 2012 Jamaica. Over 65% of our food is imported into Jamaica and we are routinely told that organic farming won't work in Jamaica. So it is important for our One One farmer to start to produce organically to turn the tide and give Jamaicans an option to eat non-pesticide, non-fertilized and non-GMO foods.

The Project

We are offering 10 young people a scholarship to come learn how to grow food using Permaculture and Organic Principles. The project is very much hands on and practical...no Powerpoint presentations. The participants will be screened to ensure that they are truly passionate about farming and eager, open to learn new and alternative methods. After 2 months of training they will be given plots of land and tools to demonstrate what they have learned. Once their farm plots are established and producting they will be able to participate in the organic farmstand in Kingston.

Course Work

  • Permaculture Principles
  • Organic Standards & Farming Practices
  • Soils & Composting
  • Plant Cycles & Pest Manangement
  • Water & Irrigation
  • Forestry & Orchards
  • Record Keeping & Business Planning
  • Farm Sales & Marketing

The Outcomes

We anticipate 10 participants to gain knowledge & pracitical skills in Permaculture and Organic Farming

We anticipate a measureable rise in self-esteem

We anticipate participants will have a greater awareness of the world and life around them

We anticipate participants to begin to earn an income from their farm plots

We anticipate a life changing and life affirming shift with the participants, staff, volunteers and donors

We anticipate healtier food systems and improved eco-systems

The Source Farm Education Team

Nicola Phillips

Lindsey Scott

Chuch Marsh

Dwight Shirley

Trevor Beaumont

Allison McFarlane

How will we spend your contributions?

Student Room & Board $217,000 JA
Supplies $30,000 JA
Tools $17,000 JA
Seeds $25,000 JA
Books $20,000 JA
Printed Materials $20,000 JA
Instructors stipend* $102,000 JA
We the Tree & Processing Fee $50,250 JA

Total $481,250 JA or $5500.00 US

$482.00 per student for 3 month life changing course

* Currency Rate $87.50 JA to $1.00 US

* All instructors have agreed to offer their labor at no cost. A stipend will be given for ground transportation to the site.

Thank you for your support of this important training