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NextGEN Youth Empowerment Training in Thailand

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A campaign by Panya Project
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NextGEN Empowerment Training for Ban Pao Youth

Chiangmai, Thailand


There are a number of young people who are, after years of education, jobless. These young people are feeling failed and worthless. Beside those who are jobless, there are also young people who can’t find happiness and meaning in their work and lifestyle in big city.

In Mae Jo village and Ban Pao sub-district, a number of young people have to leave the city and come back to their home village. They are trying to find alternatives. Beside the graduated youth, students in colleges and universities also start thinking what to do after their graduate. Many of them don’t want to work and live in the city but what are the choices there for them? Although they want to live in their village what can they do?

The modern education does not teach them how to live in their home village with their family. If they want to be a farmer like their family would their family accept that? If they want to live in the village what can they do and who are they in the village? Mae Jo’s youth are searching for some answers.

NextGEN Empowerment Training is an alternative education as well as a social transformation movement. This training empowers the youth by helping them to recognize and realize their strength, beauty and intrinsic value as human beings. It includes education in 4 areas: Social, Worldview, Economics and Ecology(Permaculture), following the guideline of Ecovillage Design Education. The participants will be taught Joanna Macy's approach of Deep Ecology to guide them to build deep connection with nature and Eco-Warrior spirit. The training is participatory and interactive between the participant and nature with a holistic approach of the mind, heart, body and engaged spirituality.

NextGEN Empowerment Training, as a movement, facilitates collective wisdom from the youth (participants of the training) to create a beautiful and positive identity for the next generation(NextGEN), increasing the likelihood of a beautiful and positive future. NextGEN ET also aims to build a strong network and community among the youth as it is a key factor in helping the youth maintain and continue to build up their strength.

Beneficiaries / Participants:

20 Youth in Ban Pao Sub-District.
Age: 15-23 years old

Venue: Mae Jo village (Some sessions of the training will be held in Pun Pun Ecovillage, Panya Project and the forest.)

Date: 18th-20th April, 2013

Objectives of the Training:

  • The youth will gain confidence and feel empowered.

  • The youth will have basic understanding of the 4 keys (Social, Worldview, Ecology, and Economics).

  • By the end of the training, the youth will draw up an action plan for a youth led project in Ban Pao Sub – District.

  • Mae Jo Youth group will be strengthened and a network of Ban Pao youth groups will be built.

  • A long-term plan to strengthen their group and support their action.

  • The group will write a story reporting about the training and its outputs which will be posted on the Panya Project website.

Long-Term Plan for Sustainability:

Start up fund : by the end of the training the youth will come up with doable activity plan in their village that will keep them learning, building leadership and other skills. We will have a small start up fund for them to implement their activity.

Mentorship: The youth are under mentorship of:

  • Thongbai, an elder in Mae Jo village who started this group and is supporting them;
  • Jo Jandai, an elder and founder of Pun Pun who also has been mentoring this youth group and Thongbai;
  • OmSunisa, a youth empowerment trainer who’s been supporting Thongbai and the youth.

Long-term capacity building and other supports:

We are planning for a more intensive courses and training for the youth such as Permaculture in Practice, Community Organising, Facilitation Skills, etc. The Youth will identify what and when they would like to have for capacity building and to strengthen their group. There will be a reflection meeting and discuss this after three months of this training.

Facilitator: OmSunisa Jamwiset and two co-facilitators(Tom & Chai)

Resource persons/guest speakers:

  • Jo Jandai – Pun Pun

  • Panya People – Panya Project

Requested Funds:

57,000 BAHT ($1,900)

This is for food, accommodation, travel expense, teaching materials, teaching fee, and start up fund for the youth to run their activity in their village.

Breakdown of Budget:

  • Travel expenses 4,000 BTH ($130)
  • Teaching fee 10,000 BTH ($330)
  • Food/accommodation 35,000 BTH ($1,180)
  • Teaching material: 1,000 BTH ($30)
  • Start up fund 5,000 BTH ($170)
  • Fundraising Fees 2,000 BTH ($60)

Total : 55000 Bht ($1,900)

Thank you so much for your contributions to help make this training happen!