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A campaign by Aren Blake
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Hello everyone! I'm currently raising money to support myself during a three month internship at the Panya Project in northern Thailand. I recently completed a short internship in Natural Building at Panya and my intention is to now reside here for the next three months, refining my skills. The internship in question will be very hands-on and combines practical learning with community project work. A major feature of my internship will involve the construction of a two-story home in the local village for a man who is currently homeless.

My Goals

Personally, I feel a pressing need to incorporate natural building technique with community project work. The lack of access to housing is a growing concern around the globe. The fact that this problem can be ameliorated at incredibly low cost and with minimal ecological imact through the use of both traditional and modern natural building technique is incredibly inspiring. My hope is that the completion of this internship will help pave (or perhaps adobe brick) the way for me to continue exploring ways in which the skills I'm developing can be applied in community project work.


My expenses will be comprised mainly of my day-to-day cost of living over the next 3 months, and the securing of the appropriate visa. My day-to-day expenses will involve the cost of food, the cost of living at Panya, and the occasional use of the internet for correspondance and research. Having already spent some time at Panya, I can estimate that this total cost will be approximately $400. The cost of securing my visa, which involves travel expenses, and the cost of the visa itself, will be about $300. In total, I'm expecting this internship to cost about $700. Any money raised beyond this goal will be greatly appreciated and will simply be used to keep me going; learning, teaching, and building wherever I can.

Thank you friends, family, and strangers for your support. In the words of a friend of mine, 'Go to the mountain, eat a lot, have a long life, namaste, go for it!'