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Mushroom Logs for NEMO

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A campaign by Christian Shearer
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  • Contribute $10 or more

    One mushroom log (let me know what variety you want).

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  • Contribute $20 or more

    This contribution level is for simply contributing toward the Peace and Permaculture University getting more mushrooms. We'll send you a hand drawn thank you card!

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  • Contribute $50 or more

    Five mushroom logs (let me know what variety you want).

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    Join in the workshop, and take home 5 mushroom logs (let me know what variety you want).

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    Ten mushroom logs (let me know what variety you want).

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Mushroom Logs for NEMO!

This campaign is intended to be a cooperative adventure into back-yard mushroom logs for anyone interested in Northeast Missouri. 

(You are welcome to contribute or take part from anywhere else in the world, but just be aware that all rewards are 'pick-up' only.) 

The goals of the project are this:

  • To provide super cheap and accessible mushroom logs to anyone in NEMO that wants them.
  • To provide people the opportunity to learn amount mushroom cultivation and to inoculate their own logs if they want. 

There is NO PROFIT MOTIVE at play in this campaign.
  We don't hope to make any money for ourselves, or to be in business as a mushroom log operation. This is a one-time event aimed at making all of NEMO abundant in Shitake, Oyster, Lion's Mane and Reishi mushrooms!

How did this come to be?

Basically, I am excited to get some experience making mushroom logs, and I know that a lot of people in the Possibility Alliance area are interested in having some mushroom logs, so the idea started that I would just buy a bunch with those people and make it happen. 

But then I thought it would be great to extend this to all the NEMO community:
  • Dancing Rabbit
  • Red Earth
  • Sand Hill
  • Singing Prarie Farm
  • Butterfly Hill farm
  • Beth's place
  • The Possibility Alliance
  • Julia and Mike's Project
  • Amanda's place
  • The Kirksville Permaculture Education Center
  • and really anyone in NEMO who would like to get in on it. 
I figured that if we do this like a cooperative, we all throw money in together and get the spawn at reduced prices. 

In addition to that, I thought we could have a workshop for anyone interested, to make sure we did it as best we could.  During that workshop we will make a bunch of logs, and then afterward, a few friends and I are looking forward to making a couple hundred logs that we could share around the community.

What exactly do I get if I give $10?
You will receive one inoculated oak log about 48 inches long.  The log will be between 3-6 inches in diameter, could start producing mushrooms within the year and may produce for up to 10 years!  You will also get a little print out of how to take care of your logs.

What do I need to do to get a log, or 10 logs?

So, if you have ever wanted mushroom logs, but just have not gotten around to it, this is an excellent opportunity to make it happen.  Contribute $10 to get a log (they commercially sell for $30-40).  If you want more than one, just contribute 10 times that amount and let me know by e-mail how many logs you want and what kind of mushrooms.  Then we will let you know when the logs are ready (we expect to be done making all the logs by October 20th) and you can come pick them up.

*I am assuming the tri-communities could work it out, so there only needs to be one trip from there.  We can label all the logs so people know whose are whose.

What kind of mushrooms can I get?

The most popular mushrooms to grow on logs are:
  • Shitake
  • Oyster Mushrooms. 
  • But you can also request:
  • Lion's mane (shown above)
  • medicinal mushroom called Reishi. 

Where can I learn more about growing mushrooms on logs?

There are a bunch of YouTube video's describing the process, as well as lots of sites you can google.  Here is an article in Tree Hugger that describes it quite well.


What is the money being spent on?

There are only three things that the money will be spent on:

  1. Buying the inoculated spawn that we will then put in the logs
  2. Paying the workshop teacher, Mark Jones for his time.
  3. If there is extra money that came in, it will go toward gifting mushroom logs to the Peace and Permaculture University (a project in its infancy here in NE Missouri).

I personally will be gifting logs to the Peace and Permaculture University, because I think it is a cool concept.  If you want to contribute toward this effort specifically to gift toward the Peace and Permaculture University, you can contribute at any level and choose the $20.00 reward as your reward.  Thanks so much for that!

Tell me more about the Mushroom Workshop.

1.5 day mushroom log workshop. Kid Friendly!
October 13-14, 2012       
$75 contribution

During this 1.5 day mushroom workshop will cover the basics of fungi ecology, life cycles, and the many ways of cultivating mushrooms.  We will do all that on the afternoon of the 13th, starting at 2:00 at my land.  We will spend that day in discussion, lecture and slideshows, talking and discussing the ins and outs of mushrooms.  The next day will be almost completely hands on.  We will be doing everything we need to do to inoculate a bunch of logs with a number of varieties of mushroom spawn.  By the end of the day, you will have made logs that you can take home with you, and harvest mushrooms from for many years! 

We are excited to have Mark Jones coming in to be the facilitator for the course.  Mark is the owner / operator of Sharondale Farm in Virginia, where he grows mushrooms and mushroom spawn for sale.  He will be growing all the spawn for this operation as well.  Mark is a seasoned and experienced mushroom cultivator, and brings a passion for the work that is sure to get all involved excited about their logs!  He is basically volunteering his time to share with us, but one of the aims of this campaign is to help pay him for his travel and his time. 

Costs of the Workshop:

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please contribute $75 to this campaign and select 'workshop' as your reward.  Along with being able to attend the workshop you will be able to take home five mushroom logs!  So really the course is only costing you $25!  You are welcome to contribute more if you feel moved!

Once you register by contributing $75 to this campaign, I will send you more information about exact times and place, but basically the course will run from 2:00 on Saturday October 13 through 5:00 pm on October 14.  Please bring food to contribute to dinner and lunch.  We will make a big breakfast.

Thanks all,
I hope this message finds you well, and that you truly hear that we are really trying to do this as a sort of community service, not some way to get money from you.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.
christianshearer1 (at) gmail.com

Much love,