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Maha Laxmi School Garden Project

A campaign by Benjamin van Ooij

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Successfully funded on September 5, 2012
A campaign by Benjamin van Ooij
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  • Contribute $5 or more

    Anybody who contributes can live with the great thought that in this amazing country Nepal, that at least some of the children who are not so well off will receive healthy fruit or vegetables. And please feel free to come and visit when you are here!

    Everybody that contributes will receive an illustrated monthly newsletter by email. Please send us your motivation of why you have chosen to contribute to THIS project and we can place this in the newsletter with a reaction of a student.

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  • Contribute $10 or more

    Receive a hand-drawn card from one of the children of the school.

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  • Contribute $15 or more

    Receive a handmade batik painted cloth with a representation of traditional Nepali life.

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  • Contribute $100 or more

    Receive a small Thangka painting (a holy Buddhist painting) made by one of the local artists. Or, if preferred, a great handicraft made by one of the local social organizations.

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  • Benjamin van Ooij September 5, 2012

    Thank you everybody, for creating this great website, for sharing, talking about it, contributing and just being good persons!

    We're going to make this project into something beautiful where many children can enjoy a healthy green learning environment... And it is thanks to YOU!


    And all the best to the other great campaigns. I hope you will make it too.

  • Benjamin van Ooij August 1, 2012

    Hey people,

    34 days left and it is going really well. For the ones that have
    contributed thank you so much. Also thanks to everybody for the great
    responses that we had and for sharing this campaign. It is amazing to
    see that this campaign is seen and contributed to, by people from all
    over the globe.

    A short update from what we have been doing:

    So wonderful to see....Everybody is helping

    We have finished a small demonstration plot with 5 double dug beds.
    Everybody was helping, the students and the teachers. And the local
    community is getting more curious by the day. Soon we will invite them
    and share our knowledge.

    Double digging is a technique to improve soil where you take
    out 30 cm of soil and loosen (not taken out) another 30 cm. Then you
    will 'build' the soil again with layers of organic matter and the soil
    (taken out at first step) put back. This way we create fertility 60 cm

    On the edges of the beds we have planted Lemon Grass, Garlic Chives and
    Chives and we will put Comfrey as well. This way we keep nutrients in
    the soil, fight pests, have mulch near and prevent erosion.

    In the beds we have sown about 15 different kinds of local organic
    seeds, flowers, chillies, herbs, root-vegetables and other vegetables.
    This way we make a strong balanced planting system... which we can eat

    Sowing the beds... we'll see things growing soon!

    We will keep you updated. And we hope YOU will keep contributing and spreading the word into the world!

    All the best,
  • Benjamin van Ooij July 21, 2012

    This is just amazing, all you great people! After 4 days of campaigning it is already half way to make it to the 900 dollars. I am so incredible thankful for this... the school really deserves this! We will be able to buy a wheelbarrow, bamboo for benches and create some good lesson materials.

    Thank you so much for contributing and sharing this campaign with others. These things proof that this world is filled with GOOD people! Keep it up and like this we will make it!

    Double digging is the way to go...
             and use the things we have to make it beautiful