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My name is Kimberly De Jesus and I am on a mission to change not only my life and the lives of my family but all others that I can threw everything I learn.

I am determined to take this course this summer in Costa Rica just need some help getting there.

I will be traveling to Manzanillo, Costa Rica to attend a 2 week Permaculture Course and will recieve a 72 hour Permaculture Design Course & Certificate upon completion. The course consists of the following:

The World Situation
What is Permaculture?: Ethics, Principles & Characteristics
Ecological System Basics & Bioregions
Design Methods & Map Reading
Climates, Elements & Microclimates

Understanding Soil
Water Management 
Plants to Trees & Trees to Forests
Windbreaks and Wind Corridors
Patterns in Nature; Context (culture, climate, etc.)

Zone 0: Bio-Architecture
Zone 1: Home Garden
Zone 2: Fruit Tree Forest; Animals & Orchards
Zone 3: Field Crops & Large Animals
Zone 4: Harvest Forests
Zone 5: Forests
Wildlife Management & Integrated Pest Management 
Ethical Investment, Land Ethics and Access, Incomes from Acres
Suburban & Urban Permaculture

Invisible Structure Models

Design for Disaster

Cost of the course is $1700 and the airfare is about $400 around trip.

The rest of the funds will go to supplies and gear as well as transportation to the camp.

I plan on using this knowledge to teach, grow and give to everyone here that is interested. I currently own an online store featuring organic, non gmo, recycled and natural products and will also be unsing this as a way to test, record and share knowledge about these products. I have been on this mission lately to create a better, safe, more environmentally and economically friendly situation for not only myself and family but all others around me. My online store shares these values by working with responsible and environmentally aware companies that know how to give back. I plan also on bringing extra supplies to donate to the Punta Mona Center that I will be attending this course with. I would LOVE and appreciate the opportunity to complete this course but need help getting there. If you could please support me in any way on my journey it would mean the world to me.