Help us to repair our permaculture green house after the storm

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On April 23 2019, a tropical storm took us by surprise and damage 50% of the roof of our new greenhouse just before the raining season starts.
This greenhouse is important for us as we are doing permaculture inside:
- All the seedlings for food garden
- Growing food that we can't do outside (ie: too much sun/too much rain)
- Host our aquaponics system
- Keep tools and some light machinery
We need to repair it as soon as possible before the raining season arrives in May.

How we will use the contributions 

We estimate to USD 650 the repair in material (plastic film, clips, rails, new gutters (the old ones are irreparable), tools and scaffolds, cost of some local workers to help and we do not count here the main manpower as we are volunteers to do it and there is no cost for us.

About Us

We are Permaculture Children's House Foundation established in 2015 in Chiang Mai North Thailand.
Our aim is to setup an education center for children and adult based on Permaculture, Self Learning Education, Play as a vector to learn, NVC, Sociocracy.
Your help is more than welcome and we will be more than happy to reward you in the best way we can.
Love and Peace, Nathalie Wanchan, Xavier Bruzaud grille, Sophia and Eden Bruzaud-Grille, Khun Eh, Manat, Ya and all volunteers and close supporters.