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A campaign by Melina Stillo
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Greetings family, friends, and travelers! 

We are Meli and Leti, your nomadic friends! 
On our journey in Southeast Asia, we have come across the opportunity of a lifetime!
A permaculture project, The Panya project, just outside Chiang Mai Thailand. This beautiful place is offering a two weeks permaculture design course!
This course and its certificate is a dream come true for us! Currently, we don't have the resources to make this course a reality so we are asking for a little help from your side. 
The course starts the 13 of December! So we don't have too much time to raise the money.
We are looking to raise 600$ to pay for the course of one of us 
Please help us reach this goal so we can start this dream in the permaculture path and bring back the knowledge to help our community and our country change the status quo and be closer to  a more sustainable future.

What is Permaculture Design ?

Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered on simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. The term permaculture is a contraction of the words "permanent," "agriculture,” and “culture.” Although the original focus of permaculture was sustainable food production, the philosophy of permaculture has expanded over time to encompass economic and social systems.  It is a dynamic movement that is still evolving.

The money we receive will go towards:
-food and accommodation

We are committed to protect this earth, to empower communities to be self-sufficient, to educate future generations on sustainable living and help our country 
Thank you so much for your help, for us the minimum donation is huge! 
Immense gratitude and see you soon!

GRACIAS FAMILIA!!! Lo mínimo que puedan donar para nosotras es INMENSO!