Help Start a Permaculture Production Farm in Kenya

A campaign by Tom Gard

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A campaign by Tom Gard
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We are a group of small-holder farmers based in Kenya. The group is made up of the elderly, the not-so-elderly and youth who are the majority.

We have realized that small-holder farming is gradually becoming untenable. This is because of degradation of farms and landscapes. The impact of climate change worsens our farming activities.

We count ourselves lucky. This is because some of us are trained in permaculture. They have come up with innovative ways that we now want to employ on our farms and landscapes.

What We Want to Do

We now want to transform our farms and landscapes through permaculture. We want to restore degraded local ecosystems for a healthy environment including water sources and productive farms.

We want to start by establishing a community tree nursery from where we plan to produce indigenous tree seedlings that we can use on our farms and sell to other farmers.

In addition to such practices as minimal tillage and inter-cropping, we believe that establishing a tree nursery and indigenous trees on our farms will gradually transform the farms and landscapes for the better.

Why We Are Crowdfunding

We are crowdfunding simply because we need external help to enable us undertake what we want to do. Each of us has contributed different amounts that we used to buy a 3-acre piece of land on which we plan to establish an indigenous tree nursery. We are now short of funds.

We believe that connecting with like-minded individuals and groups is the only way through which we can get the help and support that we need now. We believe that it is at WeTheTrees that we can find such individuals and groups.

Furthermore, those of us who have not received training in pemaculture are now very interested to receive the training. We definitely need financial support to send them to a local training institution.

Our Crowdfunding Target

Our priority at the moment is to establish an indigenous tree nursery on the 3-acre piece of land that we have purchased. We are, therefore, crowdfunding to raise at least US$3500. The funds will be used as follows:

1.     Purchase of 20,000 tree seedling porches   US$ 1000

2.     Purchase of seeds                                        US$   500

3.     Purchase of light farming tools                      US$ 1000

4.     Purchase of fencing materials                       US$ 1000

Our Commitment

Each and every one of us is committed to the realization of our set dream. We individually continue to record low productivity on our farms and have come together to improve our environment.

We welcome and encourage you to give us all the help and support that you possibly can.