Global Elder Gathering Project - Permaculture in Yarrabah

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Successfully funded on November 15, 2012
A campaign by Permaculture FNQ
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  • Contribute $10 or more

    Limited to 150 Contributors

    a native reveg bush is secured on your behalf for a beachfront restoration project of the Gathering site

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  • Contribute $50 or more

    Limited to 30 Contributors

    Your name and special wish for this gathering will be stenciled on the Elder accomodations and infrstructure that we are building. Like a quote and wish from you embedded on this Gathering.

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  • Contribute $200 or more

    Limited to 3 Contributors

    One Yarrabah future leader or young elder will be fully paid for to attend a whole weekend long bamboo building workshop. This person will gain a the comprehensive insights into natural, sustainable and restorative building for his community.

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  • Contribute $500 or more

    Limited to 3 Contributors

    A full backyard design will be offered to the Yarrabah community by one of our Permaculture design friends. A offering for the families most keen to get permaculture started in their backyards. ( Locally done by: Organic Motion, Watermoon Design, Homegrown Permaculture and or Integro Permaculture Systems)

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  • Contribute $750 or more

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    A commitment to a full day Permablitz at the Yarrabah Community Gardens, to create with the community new backyard designs, blitz overgrown yards and revive old veggie patches over the course of a weekend.

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  • Permaculture FNQ December 2, 2012

    WOW! We did it... the cause got completed and the Permaculture project out at Yarrabah was a huge success it made the Gathering the gathering and so an enourmous hands up to all those actively involved in the sourcing of the materials, trucking the materials, shipping, carting, buidling, measuring, digging, cutting, brushing, easing, flexing, coping, tracking, coordinating, expertising and more and more of many skills were used in the whole process of building the Project the way we did.


    many seeds were indeed sown and Permaculture is a word now know in the community of Yarrabah, certainly all the elders know about it and more projects are on the dream line for 2013. We are actively connected with the PBC of Yarrabah and are furthering conversations on different levels about next years projects, community help, garden expansions etc etc.

    REALLY , this cause caused a whole ripple of great nature and the effects of your contributions will be known for a long while into the future!


    More updates to come in early 2013 as we will further the dream seeds that were planted during the Elder Gathering. We hope you will be part of the dreaming now and then.


    Permaculture Crew Members of the Yarrabah Elder Gathering
  • Permaculture FNQ October 9, 2012

    (Email Template: for those who wish to help distribute this cause, below is a suggested format you can copy and paste into an email format. THANK YOU!)

     Great news! On they have launched a Permaculture fundraiser project for the global elders gathering at Yarrabah, Australia. 

    During the Total Solar Eclipse in November this year there will be held a Gathering of Indigenous Elders and Wisdom Keepers. 

    This a non for profit, free energy event. 

    The Gungandji Elders have have put out a calling for support to realize this vision and a wide group of like minded Permaculture people from the Far North Region in Queensland, Australia, have heard the calling, but they need our support! 

    They are ready to start working together with the Yarrabah community to ensure the accommodation, shelter, infrastructure and much more is secured for this Gathering. 

    I appreciate your time and energy for the following: Please watch the video, read the projects objectives and more about the Global Elders Gathering. 

    Explore what this cause has to offer to us as a broader community and donate.

    The Gunggandji Elders are calling us to respond and work together. Permaculture systems are already being developed and deployed; will you step up and help us achieve our modest practical project, in order to assist the Gungganji Council of Elders achieve their powerful vision?

    May we ask of you to please offer some time and read about the cause (you are free to forward it to anyone you feel inclined to) and of course, most important, donate to the cause. 

    May we encourage and count on you for support? 

    We trust that through our collective efforts this cause can and will be funded. -

    --- GO SEE THE CAUSE DESCRIPTION AT: and watch the video about the Gathering. 

    Thank You for your time, donations and energy, 

    This building Permaculture project for the Global Elder Gathering is proudly carried by freely donated physical support and members of: