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Get Jake back too Batug.

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A campaign by Jacob Mobbs
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    Email me an interview question and i will ask someone on the build. At the end I will post all the questions and answers as a youtube video.

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Last year I travelled to a small village in The Philippines after Super Typhoon Yolanda. Where I was a volunteer with the Earth Village Project. The first project was to setup the site for  Earthship Biotecture to build the Windship a Typhoon resistance structure. We built a compost toilets, sala (communal space) and set up a co-op(income for villages) all with the help of the locals. After the 10 day course about 8 volunteers stayed on as EVP to start construction of mud houses ( wattle and daub, cob and local coco lumber materials) and community/home organic/permaculture inspired gardens. 

I will be travelling back to the village of Batug for the second finishing hit of the Windship and construction of a zero cost hut for a local family.

The donations will go to help me pay for my flights to The Philippnes, the rest will be donated to the Windship construction and The Earth Village Project for maintenance.

  1. The Flights- for me are about $800 but I have some savings so about half will go here.
  2.  Windship Construction- I know the money raised last time was not enough for the build, so people dug into there own pockets for materials. So we are all trying to raise as much as we can.
  3.  Earth Village Project- As we are hosting around 40 volunteers the compost toliet, camping grounds and maintenance to buildings will need to be done.  

I know there is alot there but any donation will be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou for take the time to read this.

Jacob Mobbs 

If you have any questions please email me on jmknackers22@gmail.com