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A campaign by Zhong Ling
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    You will be offered a free 'fika' at the cafe ( including Fika House's special tea/coffee with sweets).

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    Beside above, 2 days free guide in the town and around area. Chance to hold a workshop at the cafe.

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Who am I?

me as bartender My name is Ling and I'm a girl from a small city in the east part of China. I came to Sweden as a student and graduated from Linköping University's master program ' Sciences for Sustainable Development'. After that I started up my own consulting company aiming to bridge Sweden and China within the clean-tech and sustainability fields. My nice and unforgettable experience in Sweden has greatly changed my life and way of thinking. Now, I am heading back to my small hometown in China to start something new, to work with my dream job. Yes, I'm going to create a Fika House with themes of music, culture and environment.

What is this Fika House?

For you who are not familiar with the Swedish culture, 'fika' means a very important part of the Swedes' life. It means to have coffee/tea time, usually during the breaks of work with colleagues or in a relaxing afternoon with families and friends. It is something that all people love. Nevertheless it is not just about coffee/tea or the bread and sweets, it means also the kind of atmosphere and feeling, warm and relaxing. I wanna bring this with me to my hometown. I will let this tradition and culture known by the folks living on the other side of the world and keep it down as long as possible! Therefore I decided to have my own cafe, serving coffee, tea, kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) and much more, and of course all the other great cultures and food that I've learnt to make during the last past years.


This is not all. Since I am also an environment-lover with a background in sustainable development, I want to add the green part to my cafe. This will therefore cost extra because I need more things and will do more things within the theme. It will, definitely bring me even closer to my dream job, so I'm here to pledge help from you. Before telling you how I would like to do it, I think I shall also tell you a bit of the background of my hometown. It is called Kaihua, located in the west corner of Zhejiang province in Eastern China. It is undeveloped compared with the rest part of my province, which also means that it still has good quality of air and water. The forest cover rate of the county is about 80%! I'm proud of it and I don't feel sorry about the fact that its economy is relatively poor. In fact I hope it will never be industrialised. That's why I want to go back to my small hometown instead of going to big cities where exist more fancy job opportunities. I want to do my best to keep the nature there and spread my knowledge before people destroy it for money.

scene of Kaihua

What we need

This cafe will not be a place just for fika bread and drinks. I want it to become a place and space for me to gather people who share the same values and create more ideas or to educate and influence people around to have a green life style. To reach this aim, I need/want to have:

  1. a screen, projector, speakers in order to show short movies on a regular basis about environment. So far there are very few documentaries as such in China about environmental problems we are facing or new ideas and technologies that we can bring to a change. I want my local people to know what is going on in this world, to have more perspectives and insights.
  2. a green wall with different plants as interior deco. I need to consult more specialised people or company about what kind of plants are suitable and how to do it.
  3. a small herbs garden & a good worm farm and compost box. The cafe will use herbs grown by myself and daily organic waste will go to the compost. The bio-fertiliser will be put back to the plants to close the loop.
  4. a solar water heater.
  5. solar panel for lighting.
  6. a rain harvest device to collect rain water for plants, washing floor etc.

A rough estimate of these things above together will cost around 2850 dollars. If you also think this is a good idea and want to support me to realise it, to make my wish come true, to be able to somehow influence the people especially young people far away in a small city in China, to help us to save our pretty hometown, to make this planet a little bit better, please, I need your help to achieve all of these aims. If you can donate your money that would be awesome. I would very much appreciated that! If you are as poor as me but still wanna contribute or even participate, it's okay! I sincerely welcome all kinds of supports, such as ideas, suggestions, or offer of your company's products (related ones). If you are not really interested in either but still want to be a kind person, please wish me good luck and give me some courage. All your comments here or via email will be responded!

All of you who have contributed to it, I will surely keep you updated. I might also seek suggestions from you if I need. Last but not least, of course you are very, very welcome to come and visit this Fika House in the future!