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Elephant Sanctuary's Solar Hot Water

A campaign by Boon Lott's Elephant Sactuary - BLES

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A campaign by Boon Lott's Elephant Sactuary - BLES
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We're moving to Energy Independence!

This campaign, to raise funds for solar hot water heaters, is the first step in a series of steps aiming at bringing Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary more in line with our holistic view of how we would like to be in the world.

elephant walking

What is BLES?
BLES strives to rescue and protect the elephants of Thailand from abuse and ultimate extinction. We provide a safe home where we focus on individual survival and growth in numbers. BLES allows elephants to interact in a natural environment that encourages breeding. Additionally, we offer support and advice to local elephant owners who may lack sufficient funds to care for their animals. We are deeply committed to our village community and provide jobs and housing to several mahouts and their families. We encourage local participation in BLES activities and promote education about elephants and their plight as well as the environment. To realize its mission, BLES has targeted goals in protection, expansion, and education.


The mistreatment of elephants is just one of the many horrific effects of the current status quo on this planet. BLES would like to take action to not support those systems that ultimately lead to the destruction of habitats, the impoverishment of huge amounts of people, the reduction of biodiversity, and the complex systems that ultimately lead to elephants being mistreated. We feel it is time for us to take steps toward distancing ourselves from those destructive systems.

Energy Independence

Our first step on this path is to move toward energy independence, including photovoltaic panels for electricity, bio-gas (methane) digester for cooking fuel, and passive-solar hot water heaters for showers and baths.

This campaign is the first step in that process. We are raising $2,875 to replace all our energy intense electric hot water heaters with electricity free passive solar collectors. This transition means we will no longer being using electricity for hot water for guests, residents and mahouts.

solar water heater

Goals of this Campaign

  • The goal is to raise $2,875 to cover the cost of 5 passive solar collectors, plus the needed piping and installation.
  • Another goal is to help BLES be more energy independent and function more in line with the ethics that BLES is built on.
  • And a final goal would be long term economic well being, which then feeds directly to our most important goal, the protection of elephants.

Economics of this Campaign

We need to raise $2,875 in 30 days. WeTheTrees works on an all or nothing basis, so please help us make the goal, and please spread the word!
The $2,875 will be spent approximately like this:

  • $2050 for 5 panels (150 L capacity each) @ 12,000Baht ($410) each
  • $200 for PVC piping
  • $300 for the installation of the system
  • $250 for contingencies
  • $75 for consulting and implementation


If we raise more than our goal, the excess will be applied directly to our next step in becoming more energy independent, the construction of a methane digester.


Return on Investment

These passive solar collectors generally have a ROI in three to four years, meaning that all the money spent on them, would be 'retrieved' in the form of savings on electrical bills within four years. This means that over the course of the next 20 years, this single improvement could save BLES tens of thousands of dollars. Which in turn means more money to put toward the rescue and rehabilitation of elephants.

Help us to take this important first step. Helping the elephants isn't enough. We need to reduce our exposure to the preconditions that lead to the elephants needing to be rescued in the first place.

bathing elephants

Thank you so much for your contributions, and for sharing this campaign with your friends.