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Dynamic Permaculture Teaching for Organic Motion

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    You will recieve a Permaculture postcard (art by PermieVisions) with a personal message of appreciation for your support and update of all the amazing learning I experience during my course. Plus, as I experience and photograph my journey, I will write the 'memoir of a permie in practice' so as to share insights of what studying a PDC is actually entails. This will be dedicated to you and emailed for light reading when you need some inspiration to book one of our courses with the $10 (or donated value) gift voucher you also receive!
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    This reward includes all of the above, however your gift voucher is worth $25 (or donated value) and you will receive our E-Book 'Designing your Permaculture Property' resource guide which introduces Permaculture, appropriate strategies for tropical climates and the tools and techniques to apply for efficiency. Plant lists and efficient elements that could potentially be integrated into your abundant edible landscape are just some of the material included. This E-book will be launched in December this year, so you will be one of the first people to receive it hot off the press!
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    You will receive ALL of the above, but now your voucher for any of our workshops, courses or design services is worth $50 (or donated value) PLUS a packet of ORGANIC OPEN POLLINATE SEEDS for the tropics AND an ARACARIA GARDENING GUIDE. Choose from; Permaculture guide, Herb & Medicinal Plants Growing guide, Vegetables growing guide, Nutrition Garden guide, Seed Collecting guide, 3 in 1: Elements of Nature - Gardener's Know How - Compost Making guide, Botanical Field guide, Plant Propagating guide.
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    This option is delicious and nutritious! You receive ALL of the above, but the gift voucher is valued at $100 (or donated value) for this reward PLUS we are posting you *ELDERBERRY JAM (Immune boosting), *Rosemary herbal salt AND some of TODDI'S TERRIFIC *TEA TONIC with white mulberry leaf (Morus alba), Sour sop leaf (Annona muricata), Drumstick leaf (Moringa oleifera), Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum), Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citratus) and Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora). All ingredients are home grown and hand made with love!
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    This is a BIG reward option for you are getting generous now! You will receive a $200 (or value of donation) gift voucher for any of our workshops, courses or design services PLUS a packet of Open pollinated Organic Seeds PLUS your choice of Aracaria Gardening Guide PLUS our E-Book 'Designing your Permaculture Property' resource guide PLUS nutritious and delicious LOVINGLY HOME GROWN AND MADE HERBAL PACK including; *Elderberry Jam (immune boosting), *Rosemary salt, *Calendula Oil (soothing rub for skin), *Mugwort Foot Soak (or herbal smoke), *Gotu Kola Tincture (longevity herb, anti-inflammation, brain tonic), Toddi's Terrific *Tea Tonic with White Mulberry leaf (Morus alba), Sour sop leaf (Annona muricata), Drumstick leaf (Moringa oleifera), Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum), Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citratus) and Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora). That is a big package coming to you in the mail with 6 herbal items hand made with love and grown organically in our garden! You will also be receiving the Permaculture postcard (art by PermieVisions) with a personal message of appreciation and an emailed publication of a 'Memoir of a Permie In Practice' dedicated to you and entailing my journey of learning and sharing insights of what it means to study a PDC.
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    Your reward is a PERMACULTURE CONCEPT DESIGN and consultation for your urban property (or someone you know) valued at $450. This service gives you an integrated energy efficient plan to ensure you can successfully grow an abundant edible landscape. By taking advantage of this pay-it-forward opportunity, you save $150! To top that, If you donate more than $300, then we will GIVE you a GIFT VOUCHER for the difference in value (e.g $400 donation = Concept design + $100 voucher) to use toward any of our upcoming workshops or courses (valid for 2 years).
    PLUS you will recieve our E-book 'Designing your Permaculture Property' resource guide and the Permaculture postcard (art by PermieVisions) with a personal message written from me with appreciation for your support AND an emailed publication of a 'Memoir of a Permie In Practice' dedicated to you and entailing my journey with photographs, sharing insights of what it means to study a PDC.

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    This is the BIGGEST of rewards for the BIGGEST contribution option! Take advantage of this Pay-it-forward Permaculture Design Course, so that you save $680 now! We are offering a PDC course next year 2016 which will be taught by Organic Motion in Collaboration with other wonderful people doing amazing work on the sustainability front in this regions. These are people who specialise in bio-fertilizers, compost, natural swimming pools, tropical house design, ecology and tropical agroforestry, bamboo, local food systems and more. It will be taught onsite our property in Koah, Far North QLD with all meals, accommodation (camping) and resources included. The full PDC course fee is $1560, with early bird discounts for $1320 (if booked 3 months in advance), so by supporting us now, you will get the best tickets on the land and help us succeed in this campaign no doubt!
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Teaching is art, and we, Toddi and Blake want to be dynamic, engaging and inspiring teachers of Permaculture - to provide meaningful learning experiences. We can not do it without you, so please read on to see if you resonate with our campaign and would like to see us succeed in our endeavors. We have 30 days to make this happen and it is all-or-nothing!

We are part of the Organic Motion:
At present, we illustrate conceptual designs and detailed D.I.Y manuals, facilitate workshops and provide consultation services to enable pathways for people to crEate efficient and abundant edible landscapes.  During the past 6 years, we have planted many seeds, tended many gardens and NOW is the time to grow ourselves and this small business which is our livelihood. The fruits of our labours are ripe and ready, so we want to share...our skills, knowledge and passion for permaculture; because we feel that it is key to expanding this movement in our tropical bio-regional area of far North Queensland. In doing so, we will strengthen this 'growing' culture to provide for the demands for local, seasonal, organic and regenerative food production, and ultimately support self-to-community-sufficiency. We welcome you to visit our website to see us in action.

How do we achieve this?
We need to study with the Permaculture College of Australia to obtain a 'Permaculture Teacher Training and Facilitation Certificate' so that we become the most effective and dynamic educators possible. Once per year, Robyn Francis, a world renowned permaculture teacher, facilitates this course and it is ideal for Blake and I to attend this December, in order to take our workshops and courses to the next level. Visit this website link to gain insight into the depth of this course.

Prior to this teacher training course, I need to do a refresher Permaculture Design Course and after much research into the options available around Australia, I found the most appropriate and exciting course that is in alignment with our vision, for our future courses. Penny Livingston-Stark from The Regenerative Design Institute in California is a specialist in tropical agroforestry and herbalism. In August, she will be delivering a 3-part intensive course at Kul Kul Farm at the Green School in Bali and will have a strong focus on Bamboo management and uses. This course will be delivered with an 'Intro to Permaculture' course first, followed by the full Permaculture Design Course (PDC), with a 2-day 'Art of Herbal Medicine Making' course. All meals, tours to innovative, local, organic farms and camping is included. Watch the video below which is presented by Penny and explains exactly what I will be doing during this course at Kul Kul Farm!

We want to thank you for supporting us now...
What we are offering in gratitude for your financial contributions of support, are some enticing educational publications and home made nutritious and delicious goodies, but more importantly, each dollar you donate to our campaign, will be gifted back to you in equal value; in the form of a gift voucher that can be used for any of our upcoming workshops, courses and design services. They will be valid for two years so you have plenty of time to plan around your busy schedule to learn about Permaculture and gain practical skills that we sincerely wish to share with you. This is a pay it forward scenario -  we want to give back what you dig deep for now. Think of it as planting the seed and harvesting the fruit later!

The biggest support you could possibly give us is doing your Permaculture Design Course with us, on our productive piece of paradise, eating, learning and journeying with us for a better future. We are offering only 2 places for a highly discounted course fee - by pre-booking now. This PDC will be presented in collaboration with other knowledgeable locals working in various fields of sustainability, from bio-fertilisers, natural swimming pools, tropical house design, bamboo construction and more!

All of the rewarded gift certificates offered in exchange for your donations can be enjoyed by the beholder (we won't put a name on it unless you want us too) so it is perfect for 'giving the gift of skills' to friends or family.

Picture: A sneak peak of the gift certificate as part of the 'rewards' on offer.
For more detail about our 'natural building', 'appropriate technology' and 'design' workshops, please follow this link to see if you may want to participate!

What your support will achieve:
The breakdown of the courses are as follows:
  • Dynamic Facilitation Teacher Training Course with Permaculture College Australia is $800 per course fee if paid prior to October for the early bird discount. A total of $1600 for Blake and I to attend
  • Penny Livingston-Stark's 3-part Permaculture Design Course (plus the Intro Course and Art of Herbal Medicine Making) with meals, accommodation and tours included is $1500
  • Flights to Bali and and Brisbane will be at our expense.
A total of $3100 crowdfunding goal. The reason for taking this initiative to call upon the people we know and generous philanthropists to ask for this financial support is because Blake has been almost single-handily managed Organic Motion whilst I have been bringing up Nova, our daughter (she is in the video campaign message). I do what I can, working behind the scenes, gardening and improving our property, writing the E-book resource guide (to launch in December) and communicating our efforts with social media - check out our Instagram page for a visual insight into our lives. It is time for me to once again step into my designing role within our business and work with the flexibility of caring for our children. We made a move to this well loved property early this year and have been putting our resources into creating the space to invite you to join us in our permaculture journey - learning, living and being the change we want to see in this world!

Care to Share?
Thank you for spending your time to read through our vision and goals and If you can, please donate anything you can spare. Hopefully the 'rewards' we are offering have enticed you to dig deep! If all of this excites you and you feel the urge to write/post some nice words on your facebook page and share our campaign - we are forever grateful!
The countdown is on...we have until July 12th to reach our goal. All-or-nothing means if we do not inspire enough contributing supporters to generate $3100, then the donation you make is returned and reward you choose is cancelled..

May your garden grow and know the love it was planted with!

Picture: Earthbag workshop for a seating area that Blake facilitated in Cooktown as part of a local arts grant to revitalise the shore front parkland.