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A campaign by Kathy Legner Sipple
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I am currently pursuing a permaculture design certificate. Though I love growing my own food, I am most drawn to social permaculture -- looking at ways individuals can come together to work more collaboratively and sharing resources in the form of time and talent. 

The way I see this manifesting in my community (and beyond) is through the establishment of complimentary currency in the form of time banking.

Several years ago, some well meaning people in my area (Northwest Indiana) took on the project of starting a time bank and quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of work required to coordinate it (which I understand is not uncommon.) For this to be sustainable, I realize it will take work -- a lot of work! -- and I'm willing to do that.

At the same time, if I am creating something of value for my community, I need to ask those interested in the outcome to support this effort financially to ensure its sustainability and avoid burning out before it gets off the ground. I'm getting advice from hOurworld, the software our time bank intends to use, to fund a part time coordinator position from the onset for this purpose. They recommend recruiting 10-12 people each willing to contribute $100 to ensure there is enough "skin in the game" to show widespread enough community support. This is where I am deriving my initial goal of $1200. Studies suggest that without early indications of this minimal support, growth is unlikely or even impossible. 

So, this crowdfunding effort is me, "applying" for this part time coordinator position. A sample job description is included here. I have a degree in Economics from the University of MIchigan and have been a member of Mensa. I have been a Chamber of Commerce Membership Director. I have 25+ years of sales and marketing experience and have run an online intentional community for the past year. I am more excited about this job than all of those! Mostly because it combines so many of my passions and I see the potential for much good, in my community and beyond:
  • interdependency between neighbors
  • sharing of excess capacity
  • less dependence on the cash economy
  • building resilience
  • less pressure on social service non-profit organizations for their programs
  • increased happiness and satisfaction that comes with friendship and doing what we're good at!
Beyond the kick off, once the time bank is established a more permanent director position will need to be established. I'll address that once we clear the first goal.