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Cook in the Panya Sun

A campaign by Christian Shearer

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A campaign by Christian Shearer
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Let's Gift the Panya Project a Solar Cooker

Thanks for checking out this campaign.
We need to raise $270!  Help make it happen by contributing now!

I am aiming to raise enough funds to be able to purchase the Panya
a Global Sun Oven solar cooker

This oven is awesome.  Of the
many many solar cookers I have seen, both hand made and manufactured,
this one works the best by far.  I have eaten excellent corn bread, sour
dough bread, beans, rice, casseroles, and even carmelized onions.  The
sun oven is super easy to use, and under the sun of northern Thailand is
should be able to be used on any day that has at least partial sun. 

We need to raise $270 to make this happen! If we do, I will personally
transport the sun oven over the pacific ocean, deliver it to Panya, and
cook them their first meal in it! 

If we can raise $540 we will also get one for Pun Pun Educational

and for every $270 after that, we will make sure that some
environmentally focused project receives a sun oven.  If we raise
$270,000 we'll put sun ovens in over 1000 projects around the globe! 
(But lets just start with the $270!)

What is the Panya Project?

The best place to learn about Panya is to check out their website: www,panyaproject.org

Panya's Concept:

To experiment with and model an integrally sustainable way of living
in the wet/dry tropics.  This project aims for sustainability not only
in the physical environment, but also in the social environment, our
physical bodies and the spiritual, emotional and intellectual realms.  The Panya People tend to have a lot of fun at well!

Permaculture is the system that will primarily inform how the project moves forward in the physical plane.

The 10-acre (four hectare) site is situated in the low hills of northern Thailand, between the conventional rice/soy/corn farms of the local village and a beautiful expanse of second growth national forest.  It features demonstrations of humanure composting toilet systems, earthen buildings and a medium scale water harvesting system, including a large dam at the top of the land and about 500 metres of swales.  The project is also host to production gardens and a diverse food forest, with over 40 varieties of fruit trees, established in 2007-2011.

So clearly, adding a solar cooker to their repertoire would be wonderful. 

Help us gift Panya with a solar oven, and help them harness the power of the sun!

Thanks so much for your contribution!

Christian Shearer