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Building an earth home for our local village

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A campaign by Panya Project
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Building a House For a Local Villager

In March 2014, The Panya Project will be hosting a ten-day workshop to build a home for one of the community members in the local village and we are reaching out to you to try and raise the money we need for materials. The house we will build will be for a young local man who has not had life easy and has not always gone down the right paths. With no family or house of his own, the villagers and the community at the Panya Project, want to give him this gift and stability. We want to help him re-build his life and teach him how he can do so in a holistic way that is kind on the environment and empowering to the soul.

Our Goals

Through this natural building workshop, we aim to build a one bedroom house, with wooden doors and windows, a thatched or tiled roof, built in furniture and art works on land in our local village. We also want to create a small garden so he will be able to grow vegetables and buy basic cooking equipment.

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By hosting the workshop, Panya is able to cover most of the labor needed to construct this building, but we still need building supplies.

Every penny raised will go directly into the build to buy the windows, doors, roofing, foundations and furniture for the house. We will also make a donation to the villagers for their help and hard work during the build. This project is very close to our hearts, it will make a huge difference to this persons life and in doing so we can also teach the beauty of building with earth and locally sourced materials.

We estimate the cost of these materials at $650, and any additional money will simply go toward buying even better quality, long lasting roofing, and other upgrades.

We will be sharing pictures of the project on our website (www.panyaproject.com) and facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ThePanyaProject?fref=ts).

What is The Panya Project?

The Panya Project is a Permaculture Education Center, international community and Permaculture farm in a small village in Northern Thailand. We strive each day to teach and share our passion of living in more harmony with nature to people from all over the world. We try to empower and inspire people to be more self-reliant in the hope to create a more sustainable lifestyle for our future generations and for the health of our planet.

With love and thanks from all the Panya family and the people of Moo Ban Mae Jo village!

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