Brown rice dehusking machine for organic rice

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A campaign by Sandot Sukkaew
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  • Sandot Sukkaew January 19, 2019

    Hi all. Words are not enough to express our appreciation to your generosity. We are very touched to see your contribution to help us. Some of you never even met us. And many of you, of course, are the people who knows what are we doing in our farm. Once again, thank you so much, we have $80 left to go! Feel like our fund raising will be success in few days!

  • Hiro_saha January 18, 2019

    I'm the Japanese who stayed at SAHAINAN for 2 weeks in January of last year.
    Myname is HIROKO TAKII.
    The period, I was very healthy and happy.
    I'm always enjoying a farm and children in your facebook.
    Please also live happily this year !

  • Zhenna January 18, 2019

    I will never forget my experience at your farm. You're family is amazing and what Shen and Sandot do is amazing. You two are making a difference and I hope to visit again sometime

  • Sandot Sukkaew January 15, 2019

    Thank you everyone for your contribution! We are getting nearer to our target! And sorry that I just realized that I can actually put my comment here! I can't wait to serve you all Organic brown rice meals when you visit us!

  • Scott Brown January 15, 2019

    Great reason to raise funds! Hope you exceed your goal and can expand what you're working towards!

  • Angela Espinoza January 3, 2019

    Hello Shen, Sandot, Jon Jon and Jay Jay I hope you get the dehusking machine ASAP, my dear friends. And I hope to visit you again soon and try that exquisit organic brown rice. Lots of love.

  • Jeff Bricker December 30, 2018

    Hey Sandot and Shen, this donation is from my friends in California!

  • Hosomi Yuta December 29, 2018

    Hi, Sandot!!
    I love your mind, your lifestyle, and so on!!
    This is small contribution, but I want to do something for you.

    Thank you,
    Yuta Hosomi

  • Life Forest Broga December 19, 2018

    Hope you can reach the goal very soon. Keep up the great work!

  • Jolijn December 17, 2018

    EH Mr Sandot and lovely family!!! I hope you will reach the campaign and give everybody you love the good brown rice you want!! Good luck!! Let your dreams become true!! Greets from Belgium!! (Jolijn) :) xxxx