Brown rice dehusking machine for organic rice

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A campaign by Sandot Sukkaew
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Who are we? 

We are Sahanian a local permaculture organic farm located in Thailand that aims to produce quality organic food, improve soil, and a permaculture education center for local and international. We are growing our own organic rice to feed our family, volunteers and students. Unfortunately, in this area there is no local brown rice dehusking machine, as local people have become accustom to white polished rice. The closest brown rice dehusking factory is an hour away.

How we plan to use the contributions

We want to purchase a solar powered brown rice dehusking machine so that we can feed our community and gain all the health benefits that brown rice offers. We would also be able to use the entire product, putting the rice husks into use with bio-char, chicken feed, as building material, and gardening. We already built the rice storage hut and the solar infrastructure set up, all we need is the machine, which we don't have yet due to our financial situation.
We are always trying to have a positive impact in the area, helping local farmers to embrace organic farming. This is already taking effect and we have seen our neighbours converting from conventional farming to organic methods. We would love to further this by spreading the importance of brown rice for a healthier lifestyle.
If you are able to contribute to this cause, and help to grow the message of sustainable, healthy, organic living, we would be very grateful. Any amount of money is a great help, and when you come to visit Sahainan we will recognize your generosity and treat you with delicious meals of organic brown rice and veggies! Thank you for helping us and the Earth.

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