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A campaign by Brecht Deriemaeker
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FUNDRAISER UPDATE: Please consider contributing above & beyond our minimum-goal

We are 1/3 of the way through our fundraiser... and we've raised a whopping 75% our our goal! Do not feel left out -- $2,000 was our bare-minimum to power Win/Win. Our total price-tag for the installation appears to be hovering just under $4,000 ($3,000 for components + $500 for delivery + the invariable miscellanea).

The closer we get to $4,000, the more we will be able to invest in other areas of the project (water system, garden, tools, materials, etc., etc., etc.).

Please consider contributing to our campaign -- powering Detroit's urban permaculture resource center is worth it!


Welcome to the humble net-archipelago known as We The Trees!

Now that you have arrived, you have a most noble & heartwarming ability at those awesome fingertips of yours: to enable us to do good things! Without you, our path would be filled with such isolation, and loneliness... and debt! What good things can you enable us to do this fine June day? You Can Help Us To Power-Up!

Win/Win Reactor is a permaculture-minded project (earth-care, people-care, fair-share), which exists within, and around, a 3,700 sq ft home in the North End Neighbourhood of Detroit, Michigan. Prior to its purchase in the 2013 foreclosure auction, 263 E Bethune had sat vacant for nearly three years… during which it had been scrapped of nearly all its metal, its water and electricity had been cut, & it was positively swollen with a mixture of antiques, everyday items, & trash galore. Please jog over to our website, www.winwinreactor.wordpress.com, to get a feel for what we are all about (Why Detroit, Our Vision, etc.).

The project is a personal challenge for us, as our location is decidedly urban (despite the small-town vibe that permeates the neighborhoods), & therefore, must acknowledge & abide by certain constraints, conditions, & variables; lead contamination, forlorn structures, blight, & social issues are realities in any post-industrial cityscape -- though perhaps Detroit could be considered the poster-child. The good news is... the residents of Detroit are currently, and have been for quite some time, reinventing their city in a way that favors personal/communal connectivity, valuing people-to-people relationships, citizen-led neighborhood development, and creatively providing everyday needs the city has been deemed incapable of providing -- we are positively thrilled to be a part of Detroit’s Story. Not to mention, in the permaculture-world, urban-permaculture is a wonderfully exciting design challenge -- rich in nuances, social contexts, history, & people-power.

We are moving in tomorrow, June 3rd! At this point, the house has been dealt its first wave of cleaning... the sorting of things... and is transitioning into a great bath, during which we will be washing windows, walls, floors, and all. Because of this, we have only installed rainwater collection and a couple (very) small garden beds (and we just received our solar oven!). We are itching to get the cleanse complete... so we can really dig into all the exciting stuff! Like bicycle-blenders/toolery, plant breeding, seed library, free store, earthworks, green roofs, greenhouses, biogas generation, solar hot water, alternative/appropriate technologies, &, &, &... all the awesome stuff that makes a powerful Permaculture Resource Center! And, the order of operations dictates that we need power first, so we are launching this crowdfunding campaign, so that we can reach out, and harvest a little help from our friends.

We are off grid and we want to stay off grid. However, not without the help of a solar system! Help us purchase the components necessary to bring the magic of electricity to the magic of detroit. It would mean so much to us. We need around $2000 to purchase a basic stand-alone off grid solar system. This includes batteries, panels, an inverter and a solar charger.

We’ve both been talking about starting a project in Detroit for years now... with much contagious excitement (I am quite sure you have heard us rant!). Give us that little push we need to shift gears & take this project to the next level. POWER!