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A campaign by Beth Campbell

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A campaign by Beth Campbell
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    One Blueberry. Sometime in the next two years I will send you a thank you note with one blueberry in it :)

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    Pack of 5 Handmade Envelopes
    In this age of electronic communication, I love encouraging the nearly forgotten art of sending a real letter. Use these sassy, recycled paper envelopes to write a note to a loved one and join the slow communication revolution! Each one is unique.

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    Handmade Pot Holder
    I'm inspired by the ages-old tradition of using something until it can no longer be used, so I make these one-of-a-kind hot pads as a way to give old fabric new life. These babies are decorative enough to hang up, sturdy enough to wash, and padded enough to use taking the fritata out of your solar cooker.

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    Two hot pads, plus envelopes

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    1.5 Hour Massage. I'm a professional massage therapist, and I would love to offer you a one and a half hour Thai massage. This only applies to folks who can come to me in La Plata, MO.

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I love blueberries!

I'm planting 20 blueberry bushes on my small permaculture homestead in order to move forward in my vision of local, healthy food for myself and my community. I'm looking to raise $300 to buy the plants and the soil amendments to create the acid-rich environment that blueberries need.

Only 7 months ago, I moved to a raw piece of over grazed pasture land that needed some love, permaculture-style. So far, I've planted around 50 different species of perennial and edible plants, and plan to keep adding to the food forest and gardens until I've got fruit, nuts and veggies galore. The blueberries will be a squishy, sweet topping to my home-grown buffet, and will help in transforming this land from depleted and abused to abundant and healthy.

There are so many amazing varieties of blueberries and I am interested in making sure that I select the varieties that will work best for this climate and soil type, but also give me the longest season of fresh and abundant blueberries.  The following chart is pretty amazing in showing how long the blueberry season can potentially be!

Any amount over $300 that I raise will go toward finishing some solar dehydrators that I'm constructing. By dehydrating the berries, I can preserve the flavor and nutrition for the winter, simply and without electricity. 

Thank you so much for your contributions!

Beth Campbell
lives in Northeast Missouri (which happens to be where all the action is at these days) and is practicing her own form of radical simplicity on her land.  She built her small 'cabin on wheels' which is 170 square feet in size, including the sleeping loft.  She lives without electricity or a motor vehicle, and is aiming to produce more and more of her own food over the coming years.  Though she lives alone on her property, she is situated closely to a number of other homesteading and permaculture projects, and feels a part of an amazing, thriving community.