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A campaign by Kate Verrell
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    (Approx £5) As a thank you, you will receive 2 of my hand designed earth healing mandala post cards, including helpful permaculture tips to implement in you garden!
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    (Approx £13) As a thankyou, you will receive 5 of my hand designed Earth healing mandala postcards, which include helpful tips for implementing permaculture in your garden space!
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    (Approx £220) As a thank you, I will give you a full consultation, tailored design as well as 30 hours spent implementing the design in your garden!
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Permaculture, meaning both; permanent agriculture/permanent culture, is grounded by a set of principles, derived from a combination of the ecological patterns, scientific knowledge, and indigenous wisdom of this planet. Further, it is shaped by a set of ethics that guide us toward caring for people, caring for the earth and consciously consuming, by only taking what we need and redistributing/reinvesting the surplus.

The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is an internationally recognised certificate course. The course content has grown from the primary text, Permaculture: A designers Manual, first established by cocreators Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. It was their intention to develop a systematic, integrative approach for tackling the apparent destruction and degradation of the Earth and it's inhabitants, brought about through modern agricultural practises. The concept has now grown into a much larger web, incorporating many interlinking aspects of sustainable living, recognising the equal importance of working to preserve both the many vibrant cultures of humanity as well as nature's equally brilliant biodiversity.

The Permaculture design course will endow me with a broad range of knowledge and skills in sustainable practices, which will enable me to create designs for real world projects such as food forests, permaculture-style gardens; both urban and rural, buildings from natural materials, water catchment, as well as irrigation systems.

The course is being held at a leading demonstration site, which is located next to the world renowned, pioneering Green school in Bali. Taking the course here will equip me with invaluable lessons gained through experiencing the workings of a well established and successful permaculture site first hand. Furthermore, the course includes an intensive workshop on herbal medicine production. Having the oppourtunity to learn and experience the design course at this location is a once in a life time oppourtunity. If you havnt already, take a look at the video to find out more!

My main aim with studying this course is to enable me to develop and deepen my skills, in order to enhance my levels of competence and proficiency when volunteering for permaculture organisations and foundations. I want to be of service to the places that are dedicated to bringing permaculture principles across the planet, working to regenerate and preserve the local ecosystems and biodiversity. As well as this, running to empower local, indigenous people with knowledge and practical skills in sustainable, ecologically friendly land stewardship. By becoming a qualified permaculture designer, my time spent volunteering will be much more beneficial as it will really broaden the range of my abilities as a volunteer.
My passion for permaculture has blossomed through a profound sense of hope that has grown through the experience of the principles in action. Monumental changes are occuring across the face of the Earthscape, at an everquickening pace. When permaculture is put into action, large resevoirs of energy are given back to the Earth, giving the planet a colossal amount healing; helping to preserve and recreate the richness and vitality that has been drained over the past few centuries.

I plan to return home, to England early 2016. Any permaculture designs that have been won through the prize system will be completed then. I will be spending from now until then volunteering for various permaculture sites in Asia.

To make all this manifest, I really need you wonderful beings to help me out! As I have mentioned I am currently traveling. I am in Kalimantan Borneo, working to help set up a permaculture demonstration site. The work here is absolutley vital and I feel really honoured to be a part of something that is so important, working with such wonderful caring people. I plan, after this project to move onto India, where it is equally important for permaculture designers to go forth and implement their designs.

I am asking for the grace to be supported through this and I have designed a series of prizes for those of you that feel you can support me. The prizes range from permaculture/earth healing inspired postcards, drawn and designed by me, to a full tailored permaculture consultation and design (including 30 hours implementation).

Major topics of the Permaculture Design Course (PDC) that I will learn include:

  • Permaculture principles and ethics
  • Reading the landscape
  • Pattern design and pattern application
  • Water harvesting and Earth Works
  • Site analysis (Sector Analysis)
  • Site planning and Layout (Zoning)
  • Climate and micro-climate strategies- Tropical, Temperate, Dryland and Humid Climates
  • Mapping
  • Land access
  • Community building
  • Plant guilds
  • Soil Carbon Sequestration and Biochar
  • Food forests and agro-forestry
  • The design process, principles, strategies, and techniques
  • Soil building and sheet mulching
  • Pond management and ecology
  • Bamboo building
  • Grey water systems
  • Bioremediation
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Watershed management
  • Economy and Equity
  • Group work on a conceptual design project for The Kul Kul farm.
  • http://kulkulfarmbali.com/bali-permaculture-design-course/
Additional to the PDC I will be learning the following content:

  • The art of herbal medicine making including:
  • The basic principles of alchemy
  • How to make hydrosols and essential oils
  • How to extract the healing constituents from plants
  • How to prepare a hydrosol using the process of distillation
  • How to make creams and oil infusions
  • How to make creams, salves, tinctures, body butters and soothing gels
  • How to preserve and prepare a number of skin healing remedies

The target amount is $900 US Dollars, which is approx £567. In order for the campaign to be a success, the goal must be reached within the time frame given!

In advance, I would like to sincerely thank you, and I look forward to sharing news of my journey with you in the near future!